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Mobile phone is a smart communication media. It is not a one-way communication like pager. Cellular communication basically gives the power of an advanced telephone system card. Cellular communication works like the radio set which is normally used. The handset or Mobile Phone is in fact an own private radio transmitter and receiver, very similar to the Walkie-talkies used by Police and Security Personnel. The key difference is that a cellular phone network is connected to the fixed line or conventional telephone system allowing additional access to the telephone world.

Mobile Phone can be used to make and receive STD and ISD calls. Now e-mailing message is also possible. Some cellular phones have the capacity to send and receive faxes and data when attached to a personal computer. The sole purpose of branding is to distinguish the branded product from those of the competitors. A well-promoted brand name, which has earned reputation in the market, is very difficult to compete with. Branding describes the establishing of brand name, make and trade names for a product.


A lot of brands of Mobile Phone are available in the market. But the consumers prefer a particular brand of Mobile Phone. In the modern business world, due to the development of science and technology, many new brands have been introduced in the market every year.


This study is mainly focuses on the leading brand preference for mobile phone and the attitude of consumers belongs to low, middle and high income groups are taken in virudhunagar city.


The important objectives of this study are

1. To study the origin and growth of Mobile Phone industry.
2. To study the importance of branding and its influence on consumers buying behavior. 3. To study the awareness and attitude of consumers towards Mobile Phone. 4. To study the factors influencing the brand preference of Mobile phones.


This study has been conducted by the researcher in virudhunagar city as the suitable area due to the people of belongs to various levels.


The data has been collected by the researcher through interview schedule from the consumers of mobile phone users during the period Nov 2008.


This is based on collection of primary data through interview schedule from 100 respondents of mobile phone uses in virudhunagar city. In this study the consumer preference relating to mobile phone were described with the help of percentage analyses were made.


The researcher has adopted the convenient sampling and it was much careful to ensure that the sample represents the whole area of the study. A sample of 100 consumers has been selected for the study by using convenient sampling method. The sample has consisting of three groups viz, Low, Middle and High Income Groups are 22, 34 and 44 respondents respectively.


In this study an attempt by the researcher has been analyzed the brand preference of cell phone. The analysis of the data is based on the attitude or opinion, consumer awareness and selection of brand of cell phones in Virudhunagar City. A brand name may manipulate the buyer's perception about the product. Brand names are often useful in establishing an overall product concept. Occasionally, a brand name becomes the generic name of that product. Inferences are made on the basis of the opinion expressed by one hundred sample respondents comprising of 22 from Low income group, 34 from Middle income group and 44 from High income group.

9.1. Income – wise classification

The researcher has classified the respondents into three groups, viz. Low Income Group (LIG) (monthly income up to Rs.10000), Middle Income group (MIG) (monthly income ranging between Rs.10000 and 25000) and High Income Group (HIG) (monthly income above Rs.25000). The number...
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