Mobile Phone and Social Media

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Battery Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: May 26, 2014
You are a slave to technology. Today billy, Karissa, Emily and I will be discussing how technology is creating a less intelligent generation that is turning into robots. As a result of the rise in technology many individuals depend on it. Things such as calculators, spell check, Google and social media have created a generation that are reliant on technology for everyday tasks. As a result of this, humans are becoming unemotional robots as they are disconnected from other humans and becoming isolated and socially awkward. An example of this is the use of mobile phones. Is there anyone in this room that doesn’t have a mobile phone? This is a clear example of how humans are now dependant on technology as not one person in this room doesn’t own a phone. Statistics have shown that 9 out of 10 people in this room would prefer to text than have a real face-to-face conversation. This is because it has become too inconvenient to have a real conversation with someone compared to how easy and quick it is to text. The impact of this is that we are becoming reliant on technology and it is draining our intelligence. Imagine your intelligence as the battery life on your mobile device, dying, percent by percent at a time. We are physically using less energy by communicating through electronic devices although we act more exhausted? Find the logic in that.

Another definite example of how we are becoming slaves to technology is the use of social media to interact and create relationships. Nowadays, our most recent and newest friendships were no doubt generated over facebook, instagram or maybe even tinder. When was the last time you physically walked over to someone and introduced yourself, instead of accepting a friend request and sending them a message? Social media is becoming a necessity to the youth of today’s society.

In conclusion, it is clear that technology is slowly but surely diminishing our intelligence. The way in which we rely on technology is decreasing...
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