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Mobile Phone and Modern Technology

By bamadoc89 Jun 16, 2013 1061 Words
How Modern Technology Has Affected My Life
The most imperative facet of my life, without a doubt, is technology. Modern technology is the improved product of the application of science designed to make works easier. It has affected my life in numerous ways by making it more amusing and enjoyable. In my life, the most pivotal and revolutionary technologies are the Internet, mobile devices, and television.

Firstly, the Internet has been absolutely paramount in my life. It has incessantly changed the way that people interact, shop, work, and waste time. Even though the Internet is a fairly new phenomenon, life without it is incomprehensible and unfathomable to most. The Internet has made it possible for me to shop, customize, and purchase anything from shoes to a car, all from the convenience of my own home. The Internet is even a common mechanism for finding matches in the dating world. The Internet has evolved into a Mecca for entertainment. The Internet is even my “go-to” platform for watching movies and listening music. The most current and popular trend on the Internet is social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it possible to easily keep in touch and remain in contact with old friends. With the click of a button, I could even find out what your cousin’s best friend’s mother-in-law had for dinner and what her stands are on abortion and gay marriage. You could even browse through her photo albums from her most recent vacation and see what type of musical interests she may have. Even my mother and father have Facebook accounts that they use fairly frequently. Through Facebook, my mother has reconnected with numerous childhood friends and even a cousin who she mistakenly thought had passed away in the 1980’s. I will never forget the day that I logged on to Facebook only to discover that I had acquired a friend request from my elderly Grandmother living on the other side of the world! It is safe to say that one of the most revolutionary technological advances during my lifetime, as well as the history of humankind, took place in 1989 when the World Wide Web was conceived. The Internet has, without a doubt, altered and affected my life for the better.

In addition, mobile technology has influenced my life in several various ways. In past years, there was a lack of effectual, swift, and reliable person-to-person communication. People could potentially wait weeks to receive a letter or invitation in the mail. In the past, if you were not at your home, you would obviously miss any important incoming calls that would have been made. As a young and anxious child, I can remember asking my mother, “What if we aren’t home and miss a super important telephone call?” Nowadays, people of all ages, ethnic groups, and financial backgrounds are equipped with a diverse array of cellular phone devices at all times. Cellular phones have even made it possible to communicate through text messages if the situation requires more privacy than is typically allotted. In fact, “texting” has grown to be my preferred method of communication among my peers. A more recent feature for newer model cellular phones is the ability to add and install varying “apps”, short for applications. Mobile GPS apps provide interactive maps that portray street names and businesses in addition to supplying the most precise and efficient directions. There have been countless instances were mobile GPS has proven to be a keystone function of modern technology for myself. I recall being in Raleigh, North Carolina for a concert and being pressed for time as well as completely lost. I proceeded to download a GPS application, which swiftly and promptly led us to our destination of Walnut Creek Amphitheatre with only minutes to spare before show time. Mobile phones have, without a doubt, proven to have momentous effects on my life by providing fast and reliable ways to communicate with others and access vital information on the go.

Lastly, television has thoroughly enriched the quality of my life by providing endless amounts of entertainment as well as a vast array of information. Detailed breaking news is spread at lightening fast speed through television, especially compared to the past technological devices with virtually the same function, such as the radio or newspapers. Sports are an enormous part of my life and the technological advancement of television has made it plausible for me to watch live sporting events while lounging around in pajama pants and a t-shirt. It is no longer an absolute necessity to travel to and from stadiums in order to avoid having to listen to games on a static-ridden radio. Instead, it is more appealing to watch not only one, but many sporting events simultaneously from the comfort of one’s own home without having to waste a sizable amount of time traveling on the road. In 2014, there is going to be a new television channel called the “SEC Network” that will broadcast major South Eastern Conference events such as football, basketball, and baseball games. The Network will also air exclusive interviews, press conferences and practice footage from various SEC teams around the clock. This allows for new, uncharted information and entertaining footage to be spread about my favorite sports teams. In addition to live sporting events, I thoroughly use the technological advancement known as television to divert myself from the quandaries of everyday life. After a long, exhausting day of work, I find it thoroughly relaxing to kick back and watch television. By watching informative television programs such as Discovery’s North America, I can simultaneously learn and be fully entertained at the same time. Concurrently absorbing knowledge while indulging in pleasurable entertainment is an accomplishment that was nearly inconceivable before the progression of television. Television has, most certainly, revolutionized my life.

All in all, modern technology has radically affected my life in many ways and it continues to do so in a persistent manor. Technological advancements such as the Internet, cellular phones, and television have proven to be crucial aspects of my life and are all used on a daily basis. Internet, mobile devices, and television have made everyday life more enjoyable and far less monotonous. I, for one, am looking forward to the next big wave of technological advancements in the future.

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