Mobile Phone and Gadgets

Topics: Mobile phone, Addiction, Cellular network Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Chapter I
Background of the Study
Academics across the pond are warning of a growing and increasingly serious trend for folks to get addicted to gadgets such as a Blackberry or iPhone. In this case, the definition of "addiction" seems to have a lower threshold for damaging one’s life than other, more popular roads to ruination. Signs of gadget holism, according to Professor Nada Kakabadse of Northampton University, include waking up at night to check your messages, neglecting friends and family to tinker with a device and anxiety when one is separated from the item of besottment. Says the professor: We are creatures of habit and we can get addicted to quite unusual things. Feel free to explain now how you can give up your chosen telecomm thingies any time you want. The Modernization of our technology was good because it can help us a lot to make our work easy in our daily lives. But too much use of it are not good that is why it goes bad because some of us are use this in a wrong way. And because of this we possibly to be harm. The modern world of technology creates a several attractive gadgets that convince us to use. That is why some of the user turns to be addicted into those gadgets such as cell phone, computer or laptop, tablet, psp, and others. There so many people using those gadgets like adults and also young person. But almost between ten years old to twenty years old are addicted to those gadgets. The estimated number of users in 100% is 50% of that is young user. And worst out of 10 users 6 of them are obsessed. The obesity among gadgets, obesity among children, teens, and adults is growing at a rapid rate globally. Obesity is alarmingly high among individuals that are addicted to gadgets or gizmos. Individuals that are addicted to social networks are seldom unaware about their intake of snacks and sodas. Lack of physical activity is the reason why a number of children from different parts of the world are obese. When was the last time...
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