Mobile Phone Analysis

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Mobile Phone Analysis

Student Name: Arthur
Student ID: XTYH22972
Due Date: 21 May 2013
Word Count; 1393
Table of Contents
Average Costs worksheet:

Figure out the most cost effective plans

Factors of the costs

The influences of Information in the Extras column

The recommendation of each mobile phone client with factors Joanne Smith

Mark Mitchell

Trevor Pia

Rosa Cheng

The discussion of the graph

Advantage and disadvantage of each graph

The best situation of using it.(examples & reasons)

The specific cart in this report(reasons)

According to the Average Costs worksheet, when the number of calls is less than 47 times per month, the lowest Actual Monthly Cost is $19 of Optical Mobile Plan Cap $19 and Tess Mobile Plan Cap $19; then when the number of calls is between 47 times and 134 times per month, the lowest Actual Monthly Cost is $29 of Viot Mobile Plan Cap $29. And when the number of calls is more than 134 times but less than 234 times per month, the Westend Mobile Plan Cap $39 will become the lowest consumption, which is $39. Finally, when the number of calls rises to more than 494 times per month, the Optical Mobile Plan Cap $79, Tess Mobile Plan Cap $79 and Volt Mobile Plan Cap $79 are recommended. All the analysis which have been mentioned before are based on stable Average length of call (mins) and Average SMS per month which is 2 and 150 respectively. If we just change Average length of call, the data will transform to another trend. When it increases from 1 to 4, the lowest Actual Monthly Cost is arranged in Volt Mobile Plan Cap $29, Westend Mobile Plan Cap $39 and Optical Mobile Plan Cap $49. When the data are between 5 and 10, the lowest Actual Monthly will change into Tess Mobile Plan Cap $79. After that, if we only change the Average SMS per month, the lowest Actual Monthly...
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