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Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Text messaging Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Jacob Ludwig
Period 2
Language Arts
Mrs. Percifield
Cell Phone Usage When Driving
1.6 million car ‘accidents’ were caused by cell phones, that’s a large number that could easily be taken down if there were laws about it. Almost everybody has cell phones; even little kids have toys that resemble an Iphone. It shows that society is starting little kids on cell phones. That’s why many teens cannot get away from their cell phones. Cell phones now days have many apps that can easily distract drivers such as, Snapchat, Instagram, and Face book. Most of the population has one of those apps so its pretty distracting when you get that vibration or noise, and you just want to take a quick look then BAM you cause a wreck. That’s why cell phone usage in the car should be banned.

The first reason is that many teens that drive are always on their cell phones. In Idaho at age 15 you can drive by your self, so many teens that may be immature might not think it’s unsafe to be on their phones. Not only teens but adults also might think that they are experienced, so they think its ok to be on their phone. The apps of today are really distracting; to be able to take pictures and send them to your friends is very exciting. Are the apps really worth causing wrecks though? Not only the apps but the texting are hard to get away from. Your best friend may be telling you about your great weekend, but is it worth it.

Laws for texting and driving have been established in some states. An example would be on Meridian Idaho, the law was no texting in driving in that town. That means if you get caught texting and driving you can get a ticket. Many other towns has caught on . It shouldn’t just be texting though, what about calling, and the many apps. The calling should have a law against it, but car companies should have law that they must put hands free devices in all new cars. It works just like blue tooth just without that annoying thing in your ear.

People that are against the...
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