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1.1 introduction

Just like ordinary phones, Smartphones enable communication with each other. However, Smartphones comes equipped with thousands of applications to entertain their users. Users can play advanced computer games on their Smartphones, watch and download movies, listen to music and so on. Furthermore, smartphones provide superior capabilities to access the internet. Which ordinary phones cannot do. With these superior capabilities Smartphones, many users moved from ordinary phones to smartphones. This reason, made smartphone market became one of the fastest growing market in the world. According to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there were about six billion subscriptions of mobile phone at the end of 2012, which cover about 87% of total population in the world. Along with the increasing of smartphone user around the world, user of Smartphones in Malaysia also has been increasing exponentially in recent years. According to statistical data from government, the smartphone user in Malaysia is about.. which has been increasing …% compare to previous years. Being one of the fastest growing market, made Smartphone market become very competitive market. Some leading smartphone company in Malaysia market are Apple, Blackberry, and Samsung. These companies are competing in an advance technology to attract customers to buy their products. Statistical data shown that apple user in 2010 is…….%, blackberry…%, and Samsung ….%. Whereas in 2012, s

tatistical data shown that apple user is..%, blackberry…%, and Samsung…%. Through these samples, we can see that there are so many customer switched from apple to blackberry and Samsung. This brand switching decision phenomenon has led to a decreased level of companies’ income. Due to the competition of the smartphones companies, consumers no w have more various alternative to choose and to change their smartphone brand. They can prefer certain products, brands or companies over others, and to...
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