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Should drivers of automobiles be prohibited from using cellular phones?

What shouldn’t you do while you are driving? Using a cell phone is the main problem for drivers. It affects not only the drivers, but also people around them. They will lose control of the vehicle. Now many countries have laws which drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone because the number of people who died from the accidents increase every year. The drivers have lack of carefully because they are using a cell phone. In some case, when they have an accident, they can get out of a car on time or it isn’t a big accident. So they are lucky, but it is not often occurring. A cell phone is useful, but at the same time it is dangerous. Anyway, I think the drivers should be prohibited from using a cell phone because it has many factors such as they lose control of the vehicle, they don’t have responsibility and it is the main reason of accidents.

Although using a cell phone while they are driving will be dangerous, many people also want to use it. They wear a headset or a Bluetooth with the cell phone which can cause them to feel safe. They also have their position. They can control themselves to pay attention to driving. They think when the phone ring, it means that is an urgent situation which they have to pick up the phone and talk to them. If they don’t pick up the phone, they will miss important news at that time. They insist that they shouldn’t be prohibited from using the cell phone.

The first factor is they lose control of the vehicle. In other words, when the drivers use the cell phone, it makes them not pay attention to the way or the light. It is easy to get a trouble on the road. The drivers shouldn’t use the cell phone while they are driving. However, they can call them back later because driving is not taken a long time. Why can’t they wait until arrive to destination? They will feel comfortable when they don’t have to cautious to another car.

It will be more...

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