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Topics: Mobile phone, Cordless telephone, Bluetooth Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: June 23, 2013
q) How do you characterize your current use of mobile technology for communications, entertainment, information or commerce? * Highly dependent for all types of business and personal use * Strongly attached to my personal digital device(s)

* Pretty well informed, plan to increase my usage
* Moderate user with practical needs for mobile connectivity * Novice, not very well informed

Q) Do you think "Smart Phones" with internet capabilities and various applications are essential when owning a cell phone? * I like having internet access but I find the other applications unnecessary * I cannot live without internet and other applications on my phone * I have the capabilities but rarely use them

Q) Do you think cell phones are a necessary piece of technology in today’s age? * I cannot imagine my life without a cell phone

* I can remember what it was like before cell phones, but I prefer to own one * I just own a cell phone in case of an emergency. I do not think they are necessary in today's age Q) During a typical day in which environments do you use your wireless mobile device the most? * Shopping

* Sports
* Recreation
* Office or workplace
* Meetings

How would you describe your attitude toward the usage of mobile wireless devices on consumer choice between various mobile phone technologies? * I consider myself very technology savvy and always want the latest devices and technologies * I consider myself very technology savvy but don’t necessarily need the latest devices and technologies as soon as they come out * I carry a cell phone and use it just as a phone but may begin adding more features, functionality and services as I get more comfortable with the technology * I don’t anticipate using my cell phone for anything but making phone calls
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