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* You can carry a mobile phone with you so you don't miss important calls * If you are lost, you can call for directions.
* If you are in an accident, you can call the police or ambulance - and if the phone has a camera, you can take pictures of the accident. * You can listen to music, text, play games when you're bored. * Most mobile phones have a calculator and a phone book.

* You can use a mobile phone to call your customers or boss if you are running late to a meeting. * You can surf Internet & Connect with the whole world by Mobile. * You can chat & video conference.

* Keep in touch with friends and family
* Good for emergencies
* Employees can keep in touch at all times.
* Customers can contact staff 24/7
* Phones have internet connection
* More work available 
* They have cameras
* You can check your emails
* Can be used worldwide
* It can fit in your pocket.
* you can connect even from other country to another by using roming serive

* Mobile phones can be expensive
* They can damage your ear 
* Sometimes the reception is poor in some areas, limiting your connectivity (you can't talk underground or on planes). * People use the phone while they are driving, and this can cause problems. * They can limit your face to face time with friends and family  * if stolen can be misused (pictures, mobile numbers)

* Can be hard to find the right package
* Can ruin the connection to the computer.
* Staff can abuse their phones if they have internet connection * Can be hard for older people to use.
* Because of their smaller size, they can be easy to lose.

Until the 1800s people used letters for communication. But this way was very slow, and people couldn’t contact each other in emergency situations. There was also the possibility of letters being lost. But after the invention of the telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, it became easier for people to communicate. Then in the 1970s, the cellular phone was invented. It brought many advantages into our lives. However, although cell phones brought many benefits into our lives, they also have disadvantages.

The most important advantage of cell phones is that they can be used almost everywhere without cables or electricity. By using a mobile phone, you can communicate with anyone whenever you want and wherever you are. Besides this, if there is an emergency situation, mobile phones can be useful. Furthermore, you can get access to the Internet by using a cell phone. These days, the world’s most common means of communication is SMS. Cell phones include this system, so in this way you can communicate with someone more cheaply than by normal calling.

In contrast, cell phones have some disadvantages. For example, cell phones spread electromagnetic waves. And these electromagnetic waves cause important health problems like cancer. Additionally, cell phones often affect the electronic systems used by equipment like cars, ABS (automatic brake system), and computers. This can cause big problems, such as accidents.

To sum up, cell phones not only have advantages, but also they have disadvantages. Mobile phones make our lives easier. But at the same time, they cause some important problems in our health.

Day by day mobile phones are becoming the essential part of our life. 1. Stay connected anytime and anywhere: The most basic benefit of a cell phone for which most of us use it is that we can stay connected with our loved ones in any part of the world and anytime. Gone are the days when we used to stand in queues to make an STD or ISD calls. You can talk to your loved ones staying even seven seas far with cell phones. 2. SMS: When initially SMS was invented, the makers were not actually sure whether it will work. I mean when people can straightaway make a call and talk, then why would anybody like to take the pain of...
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