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Mobile Phone

By seanthakur May 06, 2013 517 Words
Cellphone has become a necessity for my daily life. I can’t live a day without cellphone. Cell phones have a huge social impact on American society these days. It made our life easy and fast. The cellular phone is an essential tool of communication today, which has changed the way I live. This invention allows me to communicate faster, contact people constantly, enjoy Internet service and even be entertained.

Cellphone is an easy and fast way to communicate. I can contact with my family members or friends at anytime from anywhere. It is a cheapest way to communicate with my families in back home. I can easily contact with my parents when I’m outside and let them know where I am. I can also communicate with people through texting. Texting allows me to send and receive messages quickly without having to have a whole conversation. I can text anyone from anywhere. I can call my work if I don’t know my schedule or they can call me if I need to work extra hours.

Cellphone is a part of my everyday day life. I use my cellphone in my daily lives and also on emergencies. I can use Internet on my phone and check my emails. I can easily pay my phone and also some other bills online. I make my doctor appointments on phone and whenever I need I can send message to my doctors. I can check the weather on my phone. I use the GPS on my phone if I get lost. I have a camera on my phone which I use everyday. I can take pictures at anytime so I don’t need to carry my digital camera everywhere. I can send and receive pictures right away phone has calendar, calculator and alarm which I use everyday.

Another way in, which the cellular has made, my life different from long ago is through the Internet service it offers. I can send emails or receive them; I can even do this while travelling. I can visit websites where I obtain information on various issues advertise our business popularity has also grown on Facebook especially among the younger ones who spend hours online chatting. These aspects show how advance the use of cellular phones has become. Along with communication and in my everyday life I also use cellphone on my spare time. Cellphone helps me to get rid off boredom. I listen music on my phone which help me to relax I can play free video games on my phone. I can chat and videoconference with my friends whenever I’m bored. I can also read storybooks on my phone.

Cellphone has great impact on my life. It’s amazing how cellphone made my life easy. I don’t know what would I do without cellphone. I can’t imagine my self without cellphone. The growth of the cellphone has been so spectacular it is hard to even imagine life without it. It is so amazing, at times so unbelievable that a small portable device as the cell phone could have brought so many changes to my life.

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