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Mobile One (M1) is a telecommunications company based in Singapore. Launched in 1997, it was Singapore's second largest mobile operator after Singapore Telecommunications. However, due to competition with the entry of StarHub in the mobile market, it is now the third largest mobile operator in Singapore in terms of number of subscribers. However, during its launch it gained tremendous support and managed to hold more than 35000 customers within few weeks. It offered variety of new services to Singaporean customers such as 24-hour customer service, longer peak hours, and short message service. Moreover, M1 had also initiated Singapore’s first information-on-demand mobile phone service via SMS, and introduced an SMS-based banking service, virtual paging, GSM 900 pre-paid card as well as a high speed mobile data service. With its growing number of subscribers every year the company maintains an increasing amount of profit. Due to intense competition in mobile phone service providing industry, M1's vision is to be the leader in personal communications, distinguished by innovativeness and dedication to their customers, people and shareholders’ and its mission was “to be an efficient and totally customer focused company, achieving the highest satisfaction for customers’, people and shareholders’

In this report we will be conducting a comprehensive SWOT analyzing and making an assessment of M1’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and external environmental opportunities and threats; with reference to Porter’s five markets Forces Model, we will also try to develop a competitive strategy for M1 that can contribute to the long term sustainability of the organization.`

SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is tool for examining an organization and its environment, SWOT stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Robbins et al. 2006, p. 267). 1.Strength
Strengths are internal characteristics which can better an organization’s competitive situation. (Bartol et al. 2005, p. 201) Achievement
M1 introduced Singapore's first international roaming pre-paid card and clinched a license to offer 3G services in Singapore, as well pioneering mobile phone Cash-card, top-up or prepaid service. Due to pioneering new services give an edge to M1 in market in the early stage.

M1 is the first company to offer 24 hours customer service in Singapore, which had an overwhelming successful response from cus¬tomers and brought its expansion forward, during this time other companies did not have the determination to operate to 24 hours, thus making M1 more favorable amount consumer.

M1 was awarded with numerous awards such “The Best Mobile Network provider in Singapore”, as well as “The best new operator in Asia-pacific”, and “10 retail gold courtesy Awards”. These awards give a strong impression in customer’s perception.

M1 has a strong leadership, as well as good strong organizational behavior, M1 carries democratic authority in his organization, this describes a “leader who tends to involve subordinates in decision making, delegate authority, and encourage participation in deciding work methods, use feed back as an opportunity for coaching” (P. Robbins, et al p. 596)

Mr. Montefiore was the only CEO that managed to set up his company M1 in time for 3G; this clearly shows Mr. Montefiore is very experienced and his vision allowed him to achieve such creditability to be able to stay at the forefront of new technological development “Mr. Montefiore is credited for transforming a young company into a listed firm in about five years”

“Mr. Montefiore was given the "Out¬standing CEO of the Year" award, one of the three prestigious annual Singapore Business Awards given out by The Business Times and DHL Worldwide Express”.

Creative and Innovative
M1 introduced a counseling service through SMS known as “Ask Carey”, the unique MMS, where users can send a multimedia messaging service that...
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