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Mobile Mania

By tanhasaaya Nov 03, 2010 4451 Words

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Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Summary---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Chart of illustration---------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Survey report-----------------------------------------------------------------------8 Mobile mania----------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Advantages of mobile--------------------------------------------------------------10 Cell phone helps in dealing with crimes---------------------------------------10.1 Cell phone helps in emergency situation-------------------------------------- 11 Symptoms of mobile addiction------------------------------------------------- 12 Cell phone and student pocket money----------------------------------------- 13 Mobile phone as a fashion------------------------------------------------------- 14 Mobile is damaging professionalism------------------------------------------- 15 Attractive packages of mobile networks--------------------------------------- 16 Text message flirtation----------------------------------------------------------- 17 Cell phone as source of revenge------------------------------------------------- 18 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Recommendations---------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Appendix--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Bibliography----------------------------------------------------------------------- 23


In this report we have discussed about that how mobile is affecting the lives of the people either positively or negatively. Mobile phone is the best tool for communication. We can talk at a distance of thousand miles. But we have made it very harmful for ourselves by misusing it. In this project report we have worked on those particular issues of mobile phone which we think are important to discuss. For example we talked about that how cell phone is diverting our attention from our obligations? How cell phone is damaging professionalism? How it is negatively affecting the personalities grooming of children? We have also studied that how this thing is prompting the flirtation and blackmailing. And how it is causing the money and time wastage? and how the attractive packages offered by the advanced network services are making the mobile usage more attractive and engaged the people in talking day and night, and the mobile addiction also has psychological effects on people.


We all know that in today world mobile phone holds prime importance in every one’s life. Mobile phone is very effective and efficient source of voice and data communication all over the world. Additional services of mobile phone, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video, MP3 player and radio have make it more attractive. In this report we have discussed that how mobile phone is making crazy the young generation. Everybody either he is a child, young or an old person is crazy for the new, attractive and expensive handsets. We made questionnaires to know the views of different age group people that how this device is providing the benefits to the people and what are its disadvantages and we got different views. This device provides the benefits of storing the phonebook entries, and allowed the users to check date or time and to listen music and play games for entertainment. Now it is also possible to use cell phones for a number of other purposes too, such as for checking your mails, for using the internet, or as a mini laptop, with almost all necessary features of the computer included in it. Cell phones also tend to play a vital role in helping in dealing with crime. This is primarily because it makes easy to trace people. Cell phones have been found to be of great help also in emergency situations and in times of disasters and natural calamities. Unlike of its advantages there are also severe negative effects of cell phone on the people and especially on young generation. It is believed now that to keep cell phone in hands has become a fashion more than its demand. Cell phone is also damaging the professionalism. It has diverted our attention from our obligations and important activities. As the usage of cell phone increased, the rate of flirtation and crime reached to its peak. Black-Mailing Females through mobile phone who fall in fake Love, for misuse in various illegal activities, often raping them, sexually abusing them or smuggling activities have increased tremendously. Cell phone is also wasting the precious time of the students and also their pocket money, even children tell a lie with their parents for getting extra pocket money. This device is also polluting the minds of the young generation because it has concluded from a survey that 60% of teens send sexually explicit messages and MMS in a day. Nearly 40 % of teens believe that exchanging sexually-suggestive content with others makes dating more likely. And nearly one third of teens believe that such exchanges lead to an expectation of dating. Mobile phones services are also destroying our youth by offering attractive packages and almost all the companies have day and night packages. Psychology it has long lasting effects on the people which becomes mobile addicts.

Chart of Illustrations

[pic] [pic][pic]

[pic]March 2007

Survey Report:

Questionnaire results:

A survey has been conducted in COMSATS, PUNJAB UNIVERSITY and in THE UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE by ourselves and the result of survey is given below:

• We asked question that how many hours you use cell phone and 45 out of 70 people said that more than 18 hours, so from here we can conclude that how much we are dependent on this thing. • In the answer of the question that mobile addiction is similar to the drug addiction 30 out of 70 people agreed on this point. So it shows that it makes the people more habitual. As the demand increases, manufacturers are taking more pain in producing advanced mobile features and discovery of new mobile technology. • In the answer of the question that how mobile phone is effecting the personality grooming, 50 out of 70 said that it is negatively effecting the personality grooming as they are forgetting their responsibilities and it has irreversible effect on their personalities. • In the answer of the question that how mobile phone is wasting the time and money of the people, we saw that 60 out of 70 people said that in this era mobile phone is big source of money and time wastage. This is a fact that we spend most of our time in sending text messages even during the class timings and almost every one recharges at least one mobile card in a day so it is causing the time and money wastage.

• Nearly 40 percent of teens believe that exchanging sexually-suggestive content with others makes dating more likely.

• The survey found that nearly half of all teens have received a sexually suggestive message via email, text or IM, and that nearly 40 percent of teens have sent such a message.


A mobile phone or mobile (also called cell phone and hand phone, as well as cellular phone, cell, wireless phone, cellular telephone, mobile telephone or cell telephone) is a long-range, electronic device used for mobile voice or data communication over a network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. In addition to the standard voice function of a mobile phone, telephone, current mobile phones may support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video, MP3 player, radio and GPS. Most current mobile phones connect to a cellular network of base stations (cell sites), which is in turn interconnected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) (the exception is satellite phones). The International Telecommunication Union estimated that mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide would reach approximately 4.1 billion by the end of 2008, and mobile phones are starting to reach the bottom of the economic pyramid. A mobile phone proper typically has a telephone keypad; more advanced devices have a separate key for each letter. Some mobile phones have a touch screen.


• However, when it comes to the benefits of using cell phones, there is surely more to them than just the prestige value. It is not just a fashion accessory, which allows staying connected with the world no matter where you are they are surely more than that.

• Initially when cell phones were just introduced in the market, they were known for the wireless technology and the SMS facility it provided. These devices provided the benefits of storing your phonebook entries, and allowed the users to check date and time. These could be used as calculators too, and served as a convenient way of remembering appointments when you put up a reminder on them.

• However now not only have these facilities become more advanced, with lots of new features having been added to it (such as sending picture SMS, mms clips, saving a larger number of phonebook entries, with especial tunes and pictures assigned for each caller, etc), now it is also possible to use cell phones for a number of other purposes too, such as for checking your mails, for using the internet, or as a mini laptop, with almost all necessary features of the computer included in it.

• However, these features are only limited to those cell phones that come with heavy price tags. For the more modest ones, one can choose from devices that allow taking pictures, videos, listening to music etc. These facilities have been especially enhanced with the Bluetooth and infrared technology, which allows the user to transfer and exchange data including not only music, but also pictures, videos and sounds in a span of just few seconds.


Besides the benefits of the latest technology to users, cell phones also tend to play a vital role in helping in dealing with crime. This is primarily because it makes it easy to trace people, through the use of the Global Tracking System (GPS), when they need to be traced down. Also, the law determines the rules that must be followed by the phone companies while providing tracking services and making cell phones and sim cards great forensic evidences in times of need.


Cell phones have been found to be of great help also in emergency situations and in times of disasters and natural calamities. These days most cell phones allow users to make `emergency calls`, so that such situations can be easily dealt with. For instance there have been a number of cases where people struck with disasters such as landslides and earthquakes have found way for themselves with the use of their devices.

With the quick development in technology, cell phones are surely becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The latest models are able to attract new market and customers, and its fast technological development can be well understood from the fact that it was just about 20 years ago, when these devices were viewed as expensive luxuries, meant for large business houses, the police force and army, and now almost 50% of all children in America own cell phones. In fact even in developing countries the use of cell phones is growing immensely, with people using it for both personal and business purposes.

Symptoms of Mobile-addiction

• Mobile-addicts tend to neglect obligations of important activities (e.g. job or Studies). • Drift apart from friends and close family.
• Deny the problem and think about the mobile phone constantly when they do not have it with them. • Most mobile-addicts are people with low self-esteem and problems to develop social relations, who feel the urge to be constantly connected and in contact with others. • People can become totally upset when deprived from their mobile phones for some time, regardless of the reason. Switching off their Phones causes them anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders or sleeplessness, and even shivering and digestive problems.


(An interview from a COMSIAN)
There has definitely been more than one occasion on which I was certain that I felt my phone vibrating or ringing and then found out that there was no reason that I should have thought this happened. I think we’ve gotten so tuned in to making sure to listen for our phones that we sometimes create hallucinations for ourselves that make it seem as though someone is calling us when there is no one on the other end of the line. Sure, this isn’t quite in the realm of hearing voices or feeling bugs crawl on you but these are minor hallucinations nonetheless aren’t they? I certainly don’t remember ever experiencing them when I only had a landline!

Attention Deficit Disorder

Does your mobile phone ever make you feel like you can’t sit still and focus? Cell phones allow us to multi-task but often this means that our attention bounces from one thing to another, often in a way that seems out of our control. We talk and drive, we walk and talk, we talk while we’re working. And when we do have the opportunity to just sit still for a moment – on a break at work or waiting in a line – how many of us immediately reach for the mobile phone to get some of that pent up energy out by checking our mobile email or flipping through our text messages? This may not meet all of the criteria of truly having an attention deficit disorder but majority of people definitely think mobile phones contribute to our inability to just pay attention to one thing.

Everyone knows being a student is tough, mainly because being a student means never having enough money for the things we want; and in some cases, need. We all love to communicate with our friends through SMS and calls but pre-paid mobile phone charges are not as competitive as contract deals. Even then, you have to watch your spending. You can always use services such as MSN and Yahoo messenger to communicate with your friends, but always, watch your mobile phone expenditure and set a budget to how much you spend on your mobile phone per month. • Now a day every student spends a lot of money on purchasing mobile cards. • 90% students have more than 2 or 3 Sims so they have to buy a number of cards. • Students are in competition with each other to have more expensive handsets so this is also money wastage. • The competition among friends to have more attractive wallpapers and mobile themes is also causing the wastage of pocket money of students. • For downloading new songs and videos student spend a lot of money.

Mobile phone . . . . . in today’s world what we know mobile phones are just fashion. Youngsters spend a lot of money in just buying the latest handsets. The main and the initial point of buying it is for ease of- access for calling people, which we should all know comes very handy in the 21st century. Things such as additional applications, music, and trendy looks came after. People use mobile phone as a fashion during driving. It is generally agreed that using a hand held mobile phone while driving is a distraction that brings road accidents.

The Mobile Phone is Damaging Professionalism

How did we cope without the mobile phone? It has revolutionized the way we work and play, allowing people to keep in touch 24 hours. But with the trends for texting in sick and changing business plans at the last minute, has the mobile resulted in a working culture that lacks professionalism. These days virtually everyone owns a mobile phone. Recent figures from the Mobile Operators Association report that well over 90% of adults own a mobile phone. Among people aged 16-25, mobile phone ownership is even higher, at 96%. Mobile phones are, of course, a great boon to modern communications. If they weren’t so useful they wouldn’t have become such a fixture in our lives, and are now as integral to business success as email, faxes and landlines.

So why are mobile phones posing a threat to business, when they are obviously so genuinely useful? The answer is that it’s not the phone itself that is causing problems; it’s how it’s used. The current generation of young employees, for whom using mobile phones and the Internet is as natural as breathing, is developing some sloppy work habits that we would be wise to nip in the bud. I am not just referring to how the pernicious use of SMS text language is infecting how younger (and older, incredibly) staff members write letters and other more traditional communications. I believe that more serious damage is being done to one of the most fundamental parts of running any professional organization. Reliability

The MD of a medium-sized construction company said that some of his younger operatives were much more unreliable than those of yesteryear. He attributed it not just to the fact that employers are fighting for the best workers in a competitive market place, but also because young workers in his opinion had not developed the habits of punctuality that are so well ingrained in the older generation. In addition he was annoyed that his staff was texting in sick, rather than calling, hiding behind the comfort of modern technology and avoiding speaking to the boss. Formality

The mobile phone culture also brings with it the culture of informality. If young staff do not stand on ceremony, and treat all people as they treat their friends, then they will almost certainly lose respect among older colleagues and customers. Although certain industries including media or marketing tend to make a virtue of informality and youth, others, especially ones with more mature customers, prefer the formalities to be observed. Senior executives do like some acknowledgement of their position and take umbrage if they are addressed without due decorum. Therefore, it is important your workplace culture is tuned to the requirements of each circumstance or audience. It is the only way of ensuring that there is a proper separation of professional demeanor and social habits.

As from the results of questionnaire we have seen that most of the people who have become cell phone addicts are due to the attractive packages offered by the mobile phone services. For example if we take the example of JAZZ then we can see that it provides its night package from 11 pm to 7 am, TELENOR night package from 12 am to 8 am and similarly U FON is also providing the same services. So this thing has engaged the people in talking. As mentioned in above graph in 2007 market share of ufone is 20.9%,but with the passage of time ufone provides lowest call rates and attractive text message and call packages to its customers due to which its market share increase upto 35%.

TEEN, Sex ,and Mobile technology

• In a survey of teens and young adults, it was found that one in five teens were using technology to do what else? Send sexually explicit pictures of themselves to others — either posted online or sent via cell phone. • The survey found that nearly half of all teens have received a sexually suggestive message via email, text or IM, and that nearly 40 percent of teens have sent such a message. • Of course most survey respondents say they are sending this stuff to their boyfriend or girlfriend, but some of them (around 15 percent) have posted this sort of thing for an online friend. • The scary parts are that most respondents agreed that engaging in this sort of behavior can have serious negative consequences but they do it anyway. • Nearly 40 percent of teens believe that exchanging sexually-suggestive content with others makes dating more likely. And nearly one third of teens believe that such exchanges lead to an expectation of dating or hooking-up.


The world is going through an explosion in technological advances. Email, social networking internet sites and cell phone voice calling has become virtually ubiquitous. SMS text messaging has heavily changed the way we interact with the others. Although this technology has been available since the mid 1990s, it is only in recent years that texting has virtually supplanted calling as a means of contact. Naturally this popularity has given rise to a new phenomenon_ text message flirting. Text message flirting offers the best of both instant messaging and voice calling. The ability to hind behind a screen provides the some of the anonymity of the internet, while the fact that it takes place between the individual cell phones makes text message flirting feels more personal. Text message flirting is a fun. Text messages, since they are written, can be saved by the recipient and conceivably used as blackmail or broadcast across the internet. BLACKMAILINFG OF YOUNG GIRLS THROUGH CELL PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY

Without realizing the severe menace of Cell- /Mobile phone PHOTOGRAPHY, girls fall into the clutches of rascal boy-friends who may initially show Love & everything to our girls, but by the use of their Mobile Phones or Cell Phone photography, sometimes in Compromising situations, they Black-Mail our Female Children who fall in fake Love, but they misuse our girls in various illegal activities, often Raping them, sexually abusing them or smuggling activities etc.

(ARTICLE BY NIRAJ SINGH, THE SUPRINTENDENT OF POLICE, HOWRAH) The blood trail from the mother-daughter murder in Jagacha has led to a sordid tale of sex, blackmail and vengeance. The cause of the killing is saved in the mobile of victim Srabonti Ghosh, who had captured on her camera phone prime suspects Samir Barik and Somasree Das in compromising positions. Samir and somasree killed Srabonti first and later eliminated her daughter as they did not want to leave any witness. Howrah police said Somasree was involved in an extra-marital relationship with Samir. For the past three months the two used to meet in her neighbour Srabonti’s house. For the past few weeks, Srabonti — who, too, apparently had an affair with Samir — was blackmailing Somasree and him with photographs she had captured on her camera phone. Samir has a wife and son. Somasree has a six-year-old daughter and is now pregnant. Samir and Somasree were desperate to ensure that the photographs were not leaked and their affair was not exposed. So, on February 26, 2009 the two confronted Srabonti and when she refused to hand over the cell phone containing the damning photographs, they killed her and then her eight-year-old daughter. “Somasree and Samir used to frequent Srabonti’s house in the absence of her husband. Samir apparently paid Srabonti Rs 500 every time he came to her house with Somasree,” said police superintendent Singh. “But then Srabonti started demanding more money. She even started blackmailing them with the photographs she had in her possession,” he added. In the afternoon of February 26, Srabonti was watching TV in her bedroom while her daughter was sleeping. Somasree reached neighbour Srabonti’s house. Samir arrived minutes later. During interrogation, Samir broke down and confessed that they had first asked Srabonti to hand over her mobile phone, but she refused. A heated altercation broke out, with Srabonti threatening to raise an alarm and alert Somasree’s in-laws, who live within shouting distance, about her extra-marital affair. “Samir donned a pair of surgical gloves and tried to silence Srabonti by throttling her. As she slumped to the ground, he first strangled her with some cloth and then stabbed her with a sharp weapon,” said an investigating officer who had heard out Samir’s confession. “Suddenly, little daughter woke up and the two panicked. Somasree then slipped on another pair of surgical gloves, smothered the girl with a pillow and then stabbed her once,” he added. After the double murder, the two took Srabonti’s mobile phone and left. Somasree went home while Samir threw the blood-stained gloves next to a pond and took a rickshaw and returned home. A probe revealed that Samir had visited Srabonti’s house alone “nine to ten times over the past two months”. Her husband was in the dark, police said.” Interrogation is on to trace the mobile phone, the only thing missing from the Srabonti’s house,” said an officer, adding that the call details of Somasree’s cell phone had led to Samir’s arrest from his house.

After working on this report of mobile mania, we have concluded that • It has become a necessity for every one so it is making the youth crazy. • Mobile technology is eating the people’s time and attention. • The immense use of mobile phone is finishing the formality in our relationships or spoiling the relations. • It is damaging the professionalism among young generation. • Attractive packages have engaged people in talking and chatting day and night. • It has increased the blackmailing and other crimes.

• The rate of flirtation has also increased through the usage of cell phone features like MMS. • It is diverting our attention from our most important activities. • People are so much addicted to mobile phones that now they are suffering from various serious disorders, e.g. hallucination.

After working on this project, we suggest that:

• Mobile phone service centers should not provide such services or so many hours. There should be a limited time for call packages. • Mobile companies should not sale mobile phones at very low prices so by doing that mobile mania can be minimized. • To control the illegal activities mobile services centers should see that what type of messages and MMS people are sending. • Younger or other People should not send sexually

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