Mobile Election System

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Overview of the Current State of Technology

Electronic gadgets help human productivity and efficiency through more competence in the development and advancement with regards to technological society. Now, in the age of modernization in education, one way to globalize the practice of research is to realize that technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Computers are not just used only for leisure but also are one of the main reasons of the improvement of the quality of education these days. The rapid introduction of modern technology plays a vital role in the world of economy and in daily experience. Showing the fact that a wide range of advanced technology today, it replaces mechanization of human labor with machines, gadgets and a device that simply gives ease to daily basis.

Specifically, one of the biggest contributors in the electronics industries is the mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile phones are significant and useful whether it is in businesses or in school. One of the operating systems of mobile phones, which is flexible and user – friendly is the Android operating system developed by Google. Android OS is a Linux based OS designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices; such as Touch screen mobile phones and Tablet computers. The Android OS is also an open source OS, therefore having flexibility and further improvements. Android OS has a large community of developers writing applications that extend the functionality of devices. These “Large Communities” writes the code of Android OS in a customized version of JAVA.

System Project Context

Mobile Election System has a great advantage for the students especially to those who cannot go to vote in their perspective voting places. But with the use of this said system, through their smart phones they can vote wherever they are, buy simply logging in to the application.

Rationale of the System Project
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