Mobile Device

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Input-Process-Output-Storage (IPO S)
A mobile device is a small and handy computing device. Mobile device usually come with a touch or non- touch display with a mini keyboard. Today, mobile devices have become popular to everybody since they are convenient. As on the year 2012, reports had claimed that more 75% of the world population owns a mobile device. Mobile device are also considered as a computer systems because it uses the Input-Process-Output-Storage (IPOS) model. One of the examples of input in mobile device is their touchscreen or the mini keyboard. These two can be compare to the keyboard and mouse we used for our computer system. Mobile device can be considered a computer system in term of IPO(s) model is because the inputs are used to collect and provide the mobile system with data or instructions. An output is when the mobile system communicates the results of the processed data. Like in the computer system, data are transformed to useful information that we can see and use, like the screen on mobile device. Mobile device also goes through the step process like computer system. All mobile devices are installed with a processor which are used to process data and instruction from inputs into useful information or physical action. Much like the computer, a mobile device also can multitask. For example, a user could listen to music while surfing the Internet on the mobile device. A computer system and mobile device also have a storage or memory which is a location where data or instruction are saved for future use. There is various type of storage or memory. For example, there is primary storage like random access memory (RAM).The processor continuously read instructions stored there and executes them as required. Any data actively store is also stored there in uniform manner. Secondary storage differs from primary storage because it is not directly accessible by the processor. Secondary storage does not lose its data when the device is powered down...
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