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i. Abstract| 3|
1. Introduction| 3|
2. Background | 4|
3. Mobile Database Architecture | 5|
4. Technique to Secure database 4.1 Data Synchronization 4.2 Mobile transaction 4.3 Embedded database 4.4 Authentication from the Web Server 4.5 Data Privacy 4.6 Adaptability to Middleware 4.7 Communication 4.8 Data Encryption at client side| 67788991010| 5. Resisting the attack| 10|

6. Conclusion| 11|
ii. Reference| 12|


This report is on the results of mobile database. As there was decrease in normal computing devices with consummations of the power, which lead to the concept of wireless i.e. mobile computing. This objective of this report is to check the status of mobile database and to identify research of it. In early 90’s, the work for the mobile database started. Secure data transfer was the main reason introducing wireless PDA, mobile phones, etc. which is connected to nearest mobile station and from there how the data gets transfer from remote access area in the secure manner. This report gives you the complete outline of the participation of the mobile users in synchronization, mobile transaction, data confidentiality, and middleware adaptability.

1. Introduction

There was a field in technology, were computing was the only option for some period of time. As the technologies got developed, the birth of new era with highly dynamic referred as mobile computing. This concept got developed as now a day is decrease in size of machinery and increase in computing users, which are in demand for these machinery to become part of their everyday life. (Thomas Hardjono 1995)

As these mobile computing technologies are evolving day by day, there are different classes of mobile applications, which can be distinguished, from the data management requirement. The common example today is the Mobile Client which acts like Fixed host where it involves travelling employees or home based employees to access the fixed corporate database from there mobile like banking data, bookmarks, weather, stock exchange, etc. (EPFL 2004)

Mobile database is the database that are connected to mobile devices like smart phones, PDA over their mobile network and the database, which is carried by the mobile device. That could be the list of contact, travelled distance, information. Mobile databases mainly concentrated in retail and logistics sector of industries.

2. Background

For the realization, the revolutionary concept “Mobile Computing” required wireless network architecture that has to support the mobile computing environment in the future distant. The basic network architecture will have the following components like Mobile Units (MU), which will be the users, then the Mobile Support Station (MSS) that will maintain the communication with the users. And there also fixed host which are connected to MSS.

Figure 1:Mobile Computing Network

There is also the Location Server (LS), which maintains the data of the user location and keeps track on every mobile unit in that location. The location server’s database maintains and manages the operations of the mobile wireless network. These data, which is stored in database, will be interchange among the neighboring location server and it will be used. The mobile switching office which is corresponded by location server, will be around 70 to 100 mobile supporting stations which will be look after by one location server. We assume, each MU incorporates with a multiuser database, which are accessible by owner of MU and other users too from the remote sites (Thomas Hardjono 1995).

The concept of the mobile database is a small database, which is installed, in the mobile devices. The database like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM are the major vendor for the database, which provides mobile database server.

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