Mobile Computing in Health Care

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Advances of Mobile Computing and the Impact to Health Care
Improvements and advancements in technology has increased and dramatically changed the way in which society communicates and functions during daily life. Most notably however, are the proposed improvements in the medical and health care sector. Specifically, mobile computing allows patients to monitor vital signs and progress in their medical care through the use of the internet and various wireless devices. These advances have in turn allowed patients more time to live their daily lives without interruptions while still taking care of their medical needs. In addition these improvements allow for patients suffering with medical concerns to network and engage in support networks through the use of social media.

Despite the excitement surrounding mobile computing in healthcare, like any improvements or use of technology, there comes a variety of advantages and disadvantages of a changing system. More specifically, when dealing with wireless and other technological devices, the security of the information stored and shared is paramount. Throughout this paper, these advantages and security concerns will be examined and presented in more detail and with more scrutiny. Comparison and Contrast

As indicated earlier, due to the advancements in technology, improvements have allowed patients to monitor their vital signs through the use of mobile and wireless devices as opposed to visiting medical offices and extended stays in hospitals. It was not long ago that vital signs were taken only in a doctor’s office, where a nurse or clinician were responsible for testing these physiological states and then transporting them into an electronic file. Historically, due to the caseload demand, vitals were often uploaded into an electronic file at a much later time when workloads decreased, consequently creating out of date medical records (Kreimer, 2010). According to Kreimer, the system was fragmented, and as with anything completed by humans, errors were no uncommon. Thus, for years many patients were being treated based on outdated vital information and often after a deterioration of these physiological states. Importantly, studies show that the most effective way of treating patients and determining their course of treatment is through reviewing, monitoring, and regularly updating vital signs (Gallant, 2012), therefore making this a critical role in improving the medical field and the quality and quantity of the lives of its patients.

Fortunately, as a result of the advancements of technology, some of these errors and concerns can be improved and enhanced by mobile computing technology. Specifically the use of smart phones and other wireless devices, patients are now able to monitor their vital signs and body functions, upload them to their primary medical care provider for faster and more accurate services, to include monitoring and responding to critical changes or complications (Cohen, 2010). Advantages and Disadvantages

As with any upcoming phenomenon in the United States and abroad there are advantages and disadvantages to review and consider prior to implementation. In reviewing the pros and cons in mobile computing in healthcare, there is a multitude of various ideas and arguments; however, this section will consider those to be noted as the most prominent through research.

First, when examining the advantages of mobile computing technology, according to many scholars this technology allows for more accurate and up to date vitals when considering diagnoses and treatment for patients (Freeman, 2009). In addition, Freeman suggests that mobile computing can also provide benefits for both patients and medical care staff outside of the primary medical care setting to include patient mobility, data integration, and infection control. Specifically, according to Cohen (2010), mobile computing allows for increased patient mobility and independence ultimately...
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