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Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Quantitative research Pages: 20 (6109 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Research Proposal
To Investigate the effectiveness of Information System Smartphones:

A study Between India and the United Kingdom

MSc International Business
Research Methods

Cletus Henry
Student ID : 3100320

Marker : Godwin Tetteh

Faculty of Business
London South Bank University

Table of Contents

1| Provisional Title of the Thesis and aim| 3|
1.1| Abstract| 3|
2| Introduction| 4|
3| Literature Review| 8|
3.1| Technology Acceptance model| 8|
3.2| Task-Technology Fit Theory| 8|
3.3| MAIS Framework| 9|
3.4| Integrated Framework| 9|
3.5| Case Study Research| 9|
3.6| Ethnography| 9|
7| Methodology and Source of Data| 10|
8| Modes of Analysis| 12|
8.1| Hermeneutics| 12|
8.2| Semiotics| 12|
8.3| Narrative and Metaphor| 12|
8.4| Evaluation| 12|
9| Research Problems and Challenges| 13|
10| Conclusion and Expected Results| 14|
11| References| 15|
12| Appendix| 16|

Provisional Title of the Thesis

“To Investigate the effectiveness of Information Systems in Smartphones : A study Between India and the United Kingdon”

Aim :
The Study is to investigate the variances in the usage of portable information systems in smartphones between the two economies of India and the United Kingdom and to provide various solutions and developments.


A portable Information system is a assemble of Interconnected technology which enables Social and Physical arena of communication and computing services between organisation borders as well as within the organisation. The Common Portable Information system is the usage of Smartphones which revolutionised the digital world into a separate platform. Smartphones in the present modern world provide with an adequate provision for information and the systems provide a wide range of usage for the users. Rapid Developments in Information systems, Particularly in the Computing and the communication technology have changed the overall view of organisational computing. Concepts such as pervasive and Ubiquitous computing run by the dramatic advancements in the wireless communication technology like Bluetooth and 4G Mobile phones and the continuous miniature of chips and computing devices have paved to a conclusion of the futuristic new types of computing devices. Blackberry, Iphones and other smartphones are not just telephonic communication devices or entertainment gadgets anymore , they represent a new range of digital portable computing and organisational devices. At present, handheld devices such as Portable digital assistants and Smartphones lead to more miniaturization and integration of computing services for all the users. These provide wide range of Information sharing and transformation for the organisations on the go.

Information systems on Smartphones ,PDA’s or any other handheld devices is based only on the accessibility to portability. Smartphones are mobile phones with a more advanced computing phone which has the ability to an intractable computing device with the facilities of a camera phones than a normal feature phone. Accessibility to these mobile information systems is limited in certain countries due to lack of proper Infrastructure and abilities but can change in the future. This study is based in the effectiveness in the usage of Information systems in India and the United Kingdom where a Developing country and a developed country is taken into Consideration and the Effectiveness is investigated and analysed.

Is Real Time information from government is possible in India? Information about sales and offers in the stores nearby to any stable portable devices? Is it Possible through Push Technology? Can availability...

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