Mobile Blessing or Curse

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Rotary dial Pages: 3 (415 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Mobile phones: A blessing or a curse? Discussion

Mobile phones are becoming a very arguable topic of today. In this

discussion I will present reasons from both sides of the argument.

The technology of today is constantly increasing and the world has to

be accepting of this. Mobile phones have become a definite essential.

Communication between people is easier and fast. Though, the

disadvantages brought along with the fast grown technology cannot be

ignored. These problems not only influence people personally but also

the society.

Symptoms caused by the radiation of mobile phones are one of the main

problems. Scientists believe that the radiation from mobile phones may

cause the users to have headaches, earaches, blurring of vision and

even cause cancer. Though, these problems are still under research and

although it can be seen a disadvantage, users are told to minimise

their usage to reduce the risk even more which is about 1 in 11 000

users getting cancer possibly caused from this radiation.

Mobile phone addiction is a big social problem. The age drop of the

mobile phone users is increasing , most teenagers now own their own

mobile phone. Teenagers are becoming more and more engaged on their

mobile phones all the time, on phone calls, using SMS texting ,

personalising the mobile with ring tones and pictures etc. Besides

this, they are constantly being upgraded ,new models are released

nearly everyday, so you have to spend more money trying to keep up

with the latest trends.

Mobile phone bullying is also another issue among the disadvantages of

mobile phones. Mobile phone bullying is using offensive words and

behavior vis SMS texting. Not only with bullying, but generally,

people tend to say things in a text message that they normally

wouldn't or couldn't say face to face with someone. On the other hand

texting is a huge advantage for those who are uncomfortable talking on...
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