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Mobile Application Trends

By mohit4s Aug 09, 2011 1927 Words
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Mohit Sekhri

Mobile Multimedia
Now a days we can study that there is large number of increasing multimedia consumers devices for mobile and home use, such as game consoles, Personal digital assistants(PDA),e-books etc. There are so many similarities between these gadgets and with desktop PC. All have the internet access but the purpose are different. The vendors/companies keep on trying the open platform for the future home use .It called as Multimedia Home platform(MHP) of the European Digital Video Broadcasting(DVB) project. In the other hand in mobile technology there are portable appliances like cellular phone ,E-book and PDAs. In regard to internet services like wireless application protocol (WAP) and adopting video conferencing technologies, the hindrance in these are the use of bandwidth . Mobile Multimedia Challenges

The new opportunities are coming with the new developments but the challenges and risks are also contemporary. Kinds of new services creates a possible demand for newly developed gadgets or end user terminals. Few years ago access of computers was about 40 - 50% of all households. Now with the new development every person may have several kind of computing devices. The digital technologies tried to separate the content network, services into a business.

More than 600 million mobile phones being produced in ear 2000,become the important "Personal Trusted" device. People are using mobile phones as personal address books, calendars and payment systems. We have learned from past many of these kind of terminals same as computer will not damage to the Television Broadcast, the phone would not become a obsolete computer. At present there is no common application platform neither for home nor for mobile devices. The interoperability between different mobile companies is also a big problem. These are the important hindrance for service providers and consumers to invest in this fast changing market, All mobile communication devices share the same radio frequency bandwidth which is a limited resource, but we can expect from 3rd generation (3G ) mobile services like UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services), and up gradations like EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM evolution) and GPRS (General Packet Radio System). Only the Bandwidth limitation per user creates a doubt about the reliability and the cost efficiency multimedia services regarding 3G in future.

Development in Mobile Application
Mobile application development is gaining popularity now a days, It is not just a development process but it is like a mechanism that is used to increase the efficiency of your mobile devices. Mobile phones are a essential for everyone in current time. With the help of the mobile you can access each and every thing very easily. As the time is progressing lots of people started using the mobile phones, many of them use this technology to communicate with someone like their families, friends etc.But some people do not use their mobile phone for just calling someone , they made it as a part of their daily life activity especially for the business users. With the help of the mobile application development you can communicate with someone with enhanced internet supported facilities with GPRS technology, live video conferencing, emailing gaming, faxing and live music facilities. These mobile phones called as a smart phones. Before the development of the smart phones most of the companies wanted to be accessed first by a client through internet with desktop pc or laptops. Now a days smart phones have profitable attractiveness not only to use a voice calls also used its exclusive applications like web browsing, internet note, sports and other mobile data services. These new Hi-Tech smart phones have versatile technical features e.g.: Advanced memory, Bandwidth improvement, Supporting multimedia and high power processing and the most important thing is compact size which makes it a friendly and handy to user. The current tools which are using for the development of the mobile application like JAVA, PYTHON, Open C, Flashlight, XHTTML/CSS, Mobile AJAX and JavaScript to implement highly functional applications the developers can work with audio, video and mms to create an influenced mobile contents, but the development of new application depends upon the choice how the market drive, and it also depends upon the available platform to meet the requirement of application. The development platforms are available for devices including their native environments such as Symbian, Open C, iphone and palm operating. The latest mobile application development platforms are Java Micro Additions(JMA) , .net Compact Framework, Flashlight, Android. Market and the application requirement determines the mobile applications platform , It requires faster run time speeds and storage input output performance. The metrics of mobile application developments are processing overhead, memory consumption, frame rate and deployment file size e.g. SVG tiny, graphics buffering, compressed sound file and so on. where Java ME, .net CF and Android achieved comparable performances, the Flashlight has lagged in various benchmarks. Most important effects

In the new era all users are fastly turn to tablets and mobile phones to consume and create contents. Like internet and desktop applications , the mobile application design is also in trend. There are latest trends in mobile application design which are as follows.

1. The "Instagram" effect :
In the past years the application like face book and twitter for the iphone influence the direction and UX paradigms in mobile applications. The first version of tweetie for iphone in 2008 by Loren Brichter . It has been adopted on multiple mobile application. Instagram is shown in Tweetie or Facebook of 2011.The applications like photo sharing are also on the way to explored, the Instagram is leading in terms of features and user interface e.g.- there is an application called picplz for iphone. 2.Bold effect ,colours and gradients with minimal gloss :

Colours are the most favorable for developers to make their application for competition. The glossy button look is famous by web 2.0 feature having strong color in an application gives the positive response from users to remember the application .

3.Texture :
With the use of texture designs we can insert text with levels of transparency. In this design its very essential that the button elements look on the top of the background and the given texture can provide tremendous amount of personality in the application. Because if it is not doing well then its difficult and hard to read and find the buttons.

4.Smooth, clean gradient and shadows for depth :

Users create buttons and interface elements by using shadows are more lively in looks or feel and has more striking appearance.

5. Text driven interfaces--- The earliest mobile application were text based and loads quickly in a slow connection but in the modern mobile application user do not need to rely on text because in this the text driven interfaces can be highly usable. The good thing of text-centric approach is that it uses the text appropriate in context, and text look good and easy to understand when its size is big.

Mobile application trends
Where the Apple, Google , Microsoft, Research in Motion, we will discuss the key tends with mobile application and affects of all other brands in marketing and commerce. There are some trends below which are likely to shape market strategy including application. In current situation the markets are recognizing of iphone applications does not constitute a real mobile strategy to gain a final goal more than Billion smart phone expected by 2013. The market of the smart phone is very growing now a days with not only the apple's iphone with other companies too such as Blackberry, Window Phone, Android, HTC and Samsung.

Google has already issued seven releases of Android O/S in less than 2 years(1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.01, 2.1, 2.2) Android will be major competitor for all. Regarding lower performances android experience performance issues. The manufacturers likes Motorola, Samsung ,LG , HTC, and Sony Ericson customize their version of Android to create a difference. In latest future tablets will be the part of every home and they need tablet applications. OEM such as Apple, Samsung, Acer, Cisco, Dell, Motorola and Viewsonic will have their own tablets in this year. There will be a diversification of distribution channels for Tablets such as Wireless Carriers, OEMs, retailers from which the consumer can choose. In 2010 Apple likely to be sold 10 million Tablets and Samsung above 1 million while Gartner predicted more than 55 million tablets will sell in 2011. Now a days the count of the downloads is more popular. We can estimated the quality of the application from the downloads but in future the count of the active users will be more important than downloads. Improved analytics enable the market business to optimize application and the experience of the user. The continual usage of the application leads to the revenue will become more important than downloads as data in 2010 . 35% of Twitter active users access from the mobile phones, 2 million web sites online have adopted the Facebook "like " button. Use of mobile is different than online and social and it provides a unique mobile experience.

Exclusive brands and contents will get more success in near future, the user stickiness will be created by vertically focused content. The normal user will not able to make a difference between a mobile web site and mobile application. They have more custom features and scalable utility. The latest release of O/S like Gingerbread supports NFC API. Like desktop the smart phones also stores a personal information that is easily accessible by applications. There distributions channels do not requires security testing which will be an issue the developers needs to use the attacking techniques like spoofing, information disclosure, denial of service.

There are some Applications Which are in Latest Trend:
1. Micro Payments: This is defined as mobile transaction which is for small amount of money. The combination of hardware and software allows the vendors to accept the credit card payments using mobile devices. This technology is presently in practice in UK. Last week I heard a news on TV that the mobile phone has your banking information and you just present the phone on the latest EFTPOS then your payment will be accepted.

2. Security : iphone is using 3GS encryption but it is weak and vulnerable, currently the iphone has no defense on it. There are so many Antivirus , Spyware are developed, lookout security tool (Android application) has all features like Security, Privacy Advisor, Backup, Missing device . With these features your phone could be protected up to some extent. 3. Location Based Technology: GPS is the main application which is used in the location based technology. GPS is an application that saw the data regarding people that where the exact location of the person or place around the real world.

4. Social Based Applications: There are social applications too in the market like Facebook, Twitter, Posting Videos, Skype etc. Last but not Least ….
5. Mobile Application Advertising: As No of mobile application increases, the advertisement business also increases side by side, If you download an application, Game etc. the advertisements are embedded with application & the always pop ups while the mobile data is enable in background.

Thank You

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