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“Study of consumer Perception about
Verka products”

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of business administration (2009-2011) affiliated to Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

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I would like to thank General Manager Verka Milk Plant, Mohali, for providing me this wonderful opportunity to work with ‘Roper Distt. Milk Producers Union Cooperative Ltd.’ I am extremely thankful to In-charge (Marketing MR………………. and entire marketing division for their invaluable support and inputs in this project. I extend my sincere gratitude to various respondents and citizens of Mohali who spared their valuable time and contributed to consumer survey.



I undersigned here by declare that the summer training project report submitted to my college DOABA BUSINESS SCHOOL. In partial fulfillment for the degree of master of business administration on “study of consumer Perception about Verka products” is a result of my own work under continous guidance and kind co-operation of our college faculty member Ms. . I have not submitted this training report to any other university for the award of degree.



This is Certify that Mr. AJAY KUMAR MBA (3rd Semester) has successfully completed her project titled “Study of consumer behaviour about verka products” under the guidance of Ms. . This is in the partial fulfillment of her MBA curriculum (2009-2011)

(Project guide)


For management careers, it is very important to develop managerial skills .In order to achieve positive and concrete results, along with theoretical concepts, the exposure of real life situation existing in a corporate world is very much needed. To fulfill this need, this type of practical training is required. I underwent summer training in VERKA MILK PLANT, located in Mohali. It was my fortune to get training in a very healthy company. I got great opportunity to view the overall working of the organization. In the forthcoming pages, I have attempted to present a report covering different aspects of my training.


Customers today are more informed and more demanding than ever. They know quality service when they get it and they aren’t afraid of taking their business elsewhere if they don’t get it. Most manufacturers have taken this fact to heart because a refusal to acknowledge this reality can spell - failure - rejection by the one who holds the purse strings and the key to profits.

Satisfaction of customer needs, in fact, provides a rationale for the firm’s existence. Therefore consumer behavior lies at the heart of modern marketing and its knowledge is vital for a firm’s existence, growth and success. An understanding of the motives underlying the consumer behavior helps a firm to seek better and more effective ways to satisfy consumers.

Consumer behavior, however, is a complex system where there is an interaction of various social, economic and psychological factors. All these factors affect the purchase decision of the buyer and his perception about different products. Buying decision process incorporates all the activities that individuals go through in their role as consumers. It starts right from the time when there is a state of deprivation (need arousal) and goes through a point when a means of need satisfaction has been obtained. It ends at a juncture when the product has been used for a sufficiently long period of time to judge the level of satisfaction (post - purchase evaluation). Satisfaction is the key to generate repeat business. It ensures...

Bibliography: season the procurement of milk is about 50000 liters per day. The most awaiting season is flush season i.e. the months of November, December, January and February. In this season the procurement of milk is maximum i.e. 65000 liters.
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