Mm3.33 Effective Meeting for Managers

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MM3.33 Effectiveness meeting for managers

* The purpose of an Agenda: is to establish the topic in which you need to discuss at the meeting and to help you prepare for those issues/topics. In setting an agenda it will help you keep on track and help you keep on the task at hand so no-one goes of the topics. Provide the set agenda to those attending the meeting a head of time stating time /date/place meeting held so aware and allowing them to know what to expect at the meeting and so they then able to prepare or come prepared to the meeting also giving them the opportunity to raise any concerns/issues they feel should be on the agenda before the meeting, giving you time to add and prepare for item if suitable.

* How you prepare prior to a meeting: I demine the reason of the meeting and invite the appropriate people required to attend the meeting. Then i Establish topics/issues to be disused at the meeting and to then priories them in order of importance. I then establish who will be chairing the meeting and what subjects they will be discussing also allowing time for staff to discuss their concerns an allowing them to participate. I also establish a schedule and to decide on the length of the meeting and the length each topic requires helping keep on track. To stick to agenda and not to go over allotted time. I gather the evident require before the meeting to show to staff or make hand out if required for that meeting. Have any forms related to the topics discussed ready to show staff and to hand out. Have notes from last meeting present to refer back to them also stating the outcomes .There a lot to remember in doing important meeting, use a check list to make sure you plan and don’t miss anything.

* The roles and responsibilities of the chair person secretary and individuals:

* Chairperson : is part of a team working for the organisation and the aim of the chairperson is to utilise the interests and release the potential of all the members in the committee and to see the meeting develops a common view of its purpose also ensuring it serves function properly that there is full participation from all those involved in the meeting and all relevant matters are discussed affectively and fairly ,and making effective decision on the topics discussed and they are carried out.

* To represent the organisation, to support and supervision of all meeting carried out and to ensure the organisation is managed effectively. * Must also co-ordinate the committee to ensure the appropriate people on the committee and to ensure the relevant policies and procedures are in place and the committee members aware of these and theses are adhered to at all times so the organisation can run effectively with the best interests of all those involved. * Also to be spokes person for the home.

* The chairperson must work with the committee simulating them and putting them at ease and been sensitive to all members and their views. Encourage those to express their opinion, but in a controlled manor allowing all to have their say without interruptions but also been able to wind up meeting when required. * Allow all business of the meeting to be completed and discussed and to consult with secretary on the business to be discussed at the meeting. * To supervise to prepare and set agenda ensuring sent out to all staff beforehand along with report requires attached. * To check pervious minutes and ensure all those issues addressed. * To report findings from committee meeting to the appropriate people within the allotted time scale. * SECERTARY: To organising of meeting and to carry out follow up from meeting and looking after overall administration of the committee and dealing with all correspondence of the chairperson signature. Contacting the appropriate people or committee members to follow up on tasks that was set or on any outstanding tasks needing to be done. * To take minutes, making...
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