MM207 Mid Term

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The Mid-Term Project is worth 100 points. Please download this document to your computer and save it using the naming convention specified in the course syllabus. For the Mid-Term Project you will be using the MM207 Student Data Set, the survey codebook, and StatCrunch as necessary. You should enter your answers/responses directly after the question. There is no need to retype the project. After completing and saving the project, submit your project in the Mid-Term Drop Box. In the course, go to Unit 4 -> Instructor Graded Project -> StatCrunch to access the MM207 Student Data Set. When the page loads you will need to click on Data Set on the left side of the page. You do not need a StatCrunch ID or a password to access the data set; simply click the on Data Set to load the data file. Name: Paul Montano Unit 4 Mid Term

1. In the following situation identify the implied population.

A recent report on the weekly news presented the findings of a study on the effectiveness of Onglyza, along with diet and exercise, for treating diabetes.

-The implied population is those individuals receiving treatment for siabetes.

2. In the following scenario identify the type of statistical study that was conducted.

A Gallop poll surveyed 1,018 adults by telephone, and 22% of them reported that they smoked cigarettes within the past week.

- The type of statistical study condicted in this scenario is a test for a proportion. We know this because it has a single variable and consists of a Yes or No answer. This would make the data nominal with a single sample size of 1,018 adults.

3. In the following scenario what is the statistic and the parameter it would estimate.

A recent study of 460 drivers age 70 and over by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 75% of those drivers had uncorrected vision problems.

- The statistic in this scenario is the 75% of the 460 drivers studied. When trying to find the parameter in inferential statistics you will need to use sampling distribution. The sample size would be scaled and include margin for errors to find a estimate of a true population.

4. What type of sampling procedure was used to collect the data in the MM207 Student Data Set? -For the data getherd it used a Random Sampling method. Since each student has an equal opportunity to take this class and even this questionair, we are at random when we take this survey. Since it is impossible to survey everyone at Kaplan, the random sampling can be the most effective way to gather a general outlook.

5. From the MM207 Student Data Set identify one variable that is discrete and one variable that is continuous. Explain your reasoning. How do you know? a) Discrete: Q17. We know that this is a discrete variable because it is a finite number that the person can have. You can not have 0.5 pets. b) Continuous: Q3. We know that this is continuous because it has no finite number and can be any value including a none whole number. A continuous variable has a infinite number of values.

6. From the MM207 Student Data Set identify the following:
a) A variable measured at the nominal level of measurement.
-The Gender sample is a nominal variable, it has no sence of order and has a set list of possible outcomes. Nominal data is commonly connected with Frequencies and proportions. b) A variable measured at the ratio level of measurement.

-A ration level can be found in Q3, height in inches. Ratio is the most accurate level of measurement, it can use whole numbers and partials. Ratios often work with mean, median and standard deviation. c) A variable measured at the ordinal level of measurement.

-The Ordinal variable is demonstrated in the data set in Q10. The data can be shown in a frequency just as nominal data can. Ordinal often work with frequencies and proportions but separate from nominal, sometimes work with means.

7. What is the approximate percentage of students represented in the...
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