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Topics: Apple Inc., E Ink, E-book Pages: 8 (2633 words) Published: October 12, 2013
LibraTech is introducing a new tablet into the highly competitive market of eReaders. The eReader market is booming. The eReaders bring a new type of entertainment to the world, bringing most of the current and most popular books on the market directly into the palm of the consumer’s hand.

By featuring the new products advanced technologies of flip-page technology and intense full color display, it will be ready to jump off the display, directly into the consumer’s hands. LibraTech will launch an advertising campaign so unique, that the consumer will put down their old-fashioned tablets, and run straight to the store to pick up LibraTech’s new product.

LibraTech will show the consumer how clear the full-color display is, and the advanced flip-page technology. Showing these features will help to convince the consumer, why LibraTech’s product is so much better than the others out there on the market. LibraTech will demonstrate how their new eReader is far superior to the other tablets that are currently popular.

Consumers want to know that they have the latest and greatest technology that is on the market. It is because of this that LibraTech will need to convince the consumer that their product is the “next big thing.”

LibraTech will be able to do this by launching a full-blown advertising campaign, to get into the homes of their consumers. They will reach the consumers through Television, YouTube commercials, Facebook Advertisements, and hands on demonstrations in certain stores. By giving hands on demonstrations, it will literally put the new tablet into the hands of the consumers. It is this component of the advertising campaign that will convince consumers to purchase the new tablet right there, on the spot.

Product Naming Strategy
Many names were thrown around trying to figure out a name for this product, but one name really stood out from the others. This new product offered by LibraTech will be called the Crystal Reader. The name Crystal Reader was chosen because of the clear full-color display that this new product offers.

After testing the product personally, it was noted that the full-color display offered by LibraTech was so clear that it was crystal clear. It was determined at that point that the best name for the product would be to call it the Crystal Reader.

Crystal Reader will help to create an up and coming brand on the market. The new tablet will be able to use the name “Crystal” to jumpstart the advertising campaign, in a unique way by emphasizing the crystal and clear aspect of the product.

This is similar to the way Geico’s commercials are branded with a Gecko. LibraTech will brand their commercials with a clean-cut, clear advertisement also utilizing crystals, diamonds and other clear products. This will help customers to associate crystals with the new tablet, which would also bring the name of the new tablet to the tip of their tongues.

This advertising campaign for the new Crystal Reader tablet will help to launch the product to be the next best thing in technology today. The next step in launching this new product is to determine what type of consumers are buying these types of products, and what exactly they are looking for in an eReader.

In order to come up with a reasonable and effective advertising strategy for the new Crystal Reader, it is necessary to be familiar with all other products out on the market that may present themselves as competition on the eReader market. Although there are many different features on tablets in addition to the features of a generic eBook, this study will focus on only the eReader features included on the tablets.

The eReader market is already a very competitive market with one somewhat apparent front-runner, from Apple Inc. including the iPad, iPad 2, the ‘New’ iPad and the iPad Mini. The most current iPad can reach the eBookstore through Wi-Fi or a Cellular network. It is 9.5 inches by 7.31 inches, and...
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