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Topics: Writing, Meaning of life, Logic Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: June 2, 2006
1st segment--explain the background of the reasons for his essay; what was happening exactly in the moment in time of this essay? The essay, while timeless in one sense, is also very much an essay of the moment. 2nd segment--identify arguments that he makes. Use citations (use MLA in-text citations correctly). Critically analyze them to show their logic (or lack of it). 3rd segment--evaluate the effectiveness of the essay. Use formal tone, so do not use "I" or "in my opinion." Weigh the effectiveness, so do not simply assert its values; also consider its weaknesses. As you do this, you will need to consider what his primary purpose was and to what extent that was successful. Use First, Second, Third, to introduce these three paragraphs of the body of the paper. Remember that you must have an opening paragraph and a closing one in addition. As you work on this essay, you should write and re-write your thesis, which is your overall main idea. But you need to add a thematic element to your paper too. For example, suppose you believe that his essay is about personal responsiblity; that could become your thesis. But let's suppose that you also believe that King failed, and that this is a loss. Your thematic element might be a point about failure and loss. One is the literal main idea; the other is a subjective impression of an idea. I have used the difference between the meaning of a cloud (rain, storms, snow) versus a thematic element of a cloud (depression, sadness, danger). The thesis should be clearly stated. The thematic element should be suggested by your use of tone and imagery. At the end, add your works cited page and your outline.
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