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Topics: Prohibition, Illegal drug trade, Drug Pages: 9 (1989 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Juan Ceballos
Professor Licata, PhD
ENC 1102, Section W21
27 March 2014
Legalization of Marijuana: Should be Approved?
American people have debated over the legalization of marijuana for many years. This discussion is an example of how the united states have struggled to reach an agreement about the use of marijuana. In recent year’s drug policy have been increasingly challenged, especially in America. In the United States a group of nearly twenty states has allowed the medical use of marijuana, even though neither the federal government nor the United Nations Convention recognize that marijuana has medical uses. In the election of November 2012, Washington State passed a referendum, and Colorado an amendment to its Constitution, which allow the recreational use of marijuana. A result of the legalization of recreational use in Denver, Colorado, have entered more than $ 1.2 million with a mechanism for maximum sales per consumer than an ounce profit status, worth $ 200, a strategy that is used to regulate the individual consumption. For instance, according to Jacob Sullum (2013), author of The Cannabis Is Out Of The bag, “People 21 or older already are allowed to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.” Nowadays Marijuana users in the United States may finally, starting this January 1, legally have it for recreational purposes in two states in the West, Washington and Colorado. Probably the most controversial news until today is that many companies would begin to distribute marijuana in vending machines as if they were sodas this will be addressed to the public who use marijuana for medical purposes, a patient with a serious medical condition that approaches a vending machine to get a dose of marijuana to cope better with certain symptoms of their disease or treatment is an increasingly common act thanks to the progress achieved by the automatic distribution. But you can still go further. Hence Smart Ventures, a company that invests in mining projects in medical marijuana and playful side, has signed an agreement with Mobile Vending, dedicated to developing mobile technology for control of vending .The objective of this joint venture is to expand and renovate the distribution process with the latest equipment and advanced techniques of identification in order to cash in on the recent legalization of marijuana and the resulting high demand in the state of Colorado. Both formulas will drive new technology payments and cashless biometric identification methods, either through credit cards, electronic wallets and mobile payment. The new company is called Cannabis Funding Group, Inc. and is now a subsidiary of activity as Smart Ventures. One person who is clearly opposed to medical marijuana is Scott M, Arden. He suggests that there is no incentive to fund clinical trials nor advocate the use of marijuana for medical purposes. he expressed her views in the article “Clinician Reviews” journal. For instance, he says, The negative side effects of medical marijuana pale in comparison to the laundry list associated with numerous prescription drugs that are FDA approved—not to mention tobacco and alcohol, much more addictive products on the market that possess no medicinal value, only detrimental. Additionally, currently available pain medications have been proven highly addictive, and their use and proliferation have led to an epidemic of chemical dependence and related crime. If the big players in the industry had significant potential gains from medical marijuana, it would have been legalized at the federal level years ago. What Scott M. Arden is saying is that it makes no sense the idea of medical marijuana. So, obviously that it will be the same as with the other drugs on the market that are addictive. There are some people who think that more states should legalize at least medical marijuana for the people who really need it. One of the strong supporters of medical marijuana is Karen Bender. She is sure that with additional...
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