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The Iskolar’s Lounge

Bautista, Jettelyn Diana T.
Calla, Dianne Marie S.
Juvida, Frances Kate S.
Pangilinan, Bea Antonette M.
Soniega, Ferdinand Jr. M.
Urbano, Roberto Jr. A.

Eng 102-1
Ms. Cherie Ann Balictar
March 20, 2015
Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 2
Objectives: The Iskolar’s Lounge is committed to provide a comfortable and productive environment to students of the Pamantasan. I. The Effects of stress on students and how to overcome it. II. The University’s Student Lounge

a. The impact of Student Lounge to a student
b. A sample University Student Lounge
III. A background for a good interior design
a. The content of Iskolar’s Lounge
IV. The floor plan of Iskolar’s Lounge
V. Iskolar’s Lounge estimated cost and profit

Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 2
Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Many students deal with stress in college. The researchers have sought the common college stressors that affect the students. Academic stress is the most common cause of stress for college students. Being a college student means more responsibilities, the workload of college is notably more involved than the high school workload, for college students are expected to be a responsible adult even in their teenage years. Apart from this is the Social stress and adapting to their new environment, college freshmen face the most obvious social challenges usually involve leaving one’s entire support structure behind, creating a new social network, dealing with being away from home for the first time and finding less parental support, most students face social stress. Adjusting to college would be different for each student. First year college students devise expectations about college life long before they start going to college. Some look forward to college, eager to experience more freedom and adventures. Others may be enthusiastic initially but then discover that the experience falls short of their expectation when they don’t feel happy, comfortable, or secure in their new environment. Their expectation that leads to disappointment intensify their stress, for the college students would feel lost and feel uncomfortable in their new environment. Other stressors involved feeling home-sick, questioning whether they chose the right major for them and most students struggle with who they are and where they’d like to be in the future. College students experience a range of consequences of stress, from mild to severe and due to this, most college students resolved to drinking, using drugs, stress-eating and worse having to drop-out from the university.

Majority of students in PLM are constantly affected by school related stress whether it is academic, social or the problems of the average hardworking student. The school in return doesn't necessarily provide its students a place for peace of mind where they can do their work and relax, in which case the library Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 3

doesn’t count because it's always filled with people to a point where all the tables are already taken and can no longer provide for the others that really need it and the shed can’t be used for it does not support tables that the students need and also because of the high number of students enrolled in the university, the library and sheds that is provided for the students does not accommodate all of the students. The university also does not provide alternative places for those students in need and because of that the researchers have deliberated over the problem and construct a feasibility study to establish a student lounge that aims to help the students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila to have a comfortable environment that would make studying in the said university much more comfortable. A 2003 study on the success of female physics majors found that the existence of a well-maintained student lounge was a marker of high success rates. Several studies conducted regarding patterns have chosen the student lounge as an excellent choice for an unregulated environment. It has been noted that distance-learning courses should strive to provide a similar environment for casual conversation. There have been a lot of discussions about today’s’ education whether it happen in classrooms, libraries, homes, cafes etc. when knowledge have been way easier to access in the era of internet and social networks. Schools and universities are adapting their environment to the new epoch. Bangkok University Student Lounge (BU Lounge aka Imagine Lounge) is among the pilot projects for that adaptation. The lounge is located underneath the multi-story lecture rooms and auditoriums in the brand new Bangkok University Landmark compound. When the university board has decided that the compound should be mainly for students, the space that used to be professor office is reprogrammed to be the lounge

Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 4
that accommodates a variety of student activities. This will be where students spend a lot of time in. It is a “youngsters’ ecology.” Big portion of the lower floor of the lounge is what called the “Reading cave”. Thousands of OSB ribs form porous rooms for different forms of use, from individual reading to small group tutoring to large group discussion. In front of the cave is the “Big sofa” where the pixel units can be formed in several configurations for large/small crowd, formal/relaxing use. Almost all items in the lounge are designed to be highly flexible and hinting creative manipulations. The space on the upper level is for more dynamic activities. It is a village for a break from study. There are 2 huts on this floor, the polka-dot pink one protruding from the edge of deck is a karaoke house and the wooden one is the music rehearsal room that can be opened in case the students would like to organize small events. Around the huts are play areas filled up with re-invented items like a super-long pool table (with adjustable holes), giant dart (which no one can miss the target), rounded pingpong table, pole dance corner, girls’ make-up counter and Kungfu style stress release area. Students on both floors are connected by network of holes. There is one hole with glass for visual connection, one operable for drink and beverage ordering, one with fireman pole in the center for circulation and one with periscope goggle for observation. Physically these 2 decks are connected with 2 staircases; one is the step Manga (Japanese comics) shelves and the spiral staircase in the giant bear shell. Using the same principle, “it is meant to be re-invented”, the bear sculpture is graphically decorated as a panda for the moment but planned to be creatively changed to different characters every semester by students. Color is a major factor when it comes to interior design. Warmer, softer tones with wood accents can develop a calming atmosphere. Using metals, glass and vibrant colors can energize the space. Color Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 5

can affect how the client perceives the length of stay in an area. For example, vibrant colors, which are very stimulating, energetic and lively, tend to be used in places with fast pace movements. However, softer hues of the same colors can be used to slow the movement to a more relaxing, calming experience. The key to successful designing is creating an appealing environment. Through careful color planning, we can give our clients a more relaxing experience that they can look forward to returning. The key to maximizing space is through organization. Keeping a systematic work environment and making the most of it requires repetition and effort. Being organized is the outgrowth of planning your space with an eye toward functionality and incorporating multi-function equipment and furniture design. In addition, this planning and organization process brings more efficiency to your services. Each area and element in any establishment should be efficient and can used with ease. The front desk is one example; it should provide a warm and welcoming facade that can attract clients and envelope a relaxing feeling. In terms of maximizing it, one should consider using a laptop instead of a desktop mainly for the fact that laptops don’t have wires and heavy equipment that can make the vicinity crowded. Secondly, if a lounge were to require more space for inventory and supplies, a storage closet behind or beside the front desk should be put into consideration. Focusing on the intelligent use of used materials found around one home and eco-friendly products can create a living space thats both cost-efficient and ecologically friendly. Filling the space with used cushions which can be re-covered easily can encourage a very comfortable environment. Use hanging plants that thrive indoors like philodendron to bring life to a space. Add a relaxing light such as salt lamp or low-watt candle to incorporate an easy feeling, also consider the use of CFL bulbs as they last as long as ten times longer compared to ordinary lightbulbs and that they are more energy efficient. Lastly to make a Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 6

space even more relaxing one should consider using scenters that make use of fragrant oils form different plants at can make any space smell nice.

Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 8
Floor Plan

Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 9
Estimated Cost and Profit

Bautista, Calla, Juvida, Pangilinan, Soniega, Urbano 10
Works Cited

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