Topics: Blood alcohol content, Alcoholic beverage, HIV Pages: 3 (462 words) Published: October 20, 2014
1.1 Background

Identify the issue

What is the harmful behaviour? What is going on?
“Drink driving is usually defined as driving with a specific amount of alcohol in the blood, known as an individual’s BAC – which can be measured from blood, urine, and breath tests that estimate the number of grams of ethanol per 100ml of blood.” (Reference: article 1)

How is the behaviour performed? When? Where?
Drink driving is performed when an individual drives a vehicle whilst over the legal BAC limit of 0.05 and 0.00 for Provisional drivers. It can be performed at anywhere at anytime when you’re on the road.

Who is involved in performing and encouraging the harmful behaviour? Individuals who are required to drive after they’ve consumed alcohol.

What environmental factors are assisting or contributing to the behaviour? Parties, clubs, bars and major social events where the culture of drinking is at its highest.

Any associated behaviours triggering or contributing to continuation?

Why is it a problem? Why change the behaviour?
What is the cost to individuals and community of this problem continuing? The cost to the individual and the community can be catastrophic. Specifically in terms of the individual severe harm or death can come upon the drink driver. Conversely, members of society can be harmed through potentially fatal accidents.

What are the benefits from behaviour change for individuals and community?

What has been tried so far to address the issue?
Identify prior campaigns including organisations and partners involved, target audience, marketing mix 4 P’s, and specify change strategies

What impact have these campaigns had?

How can we use prior campaigns or do we need a fresh approach?

1.2 Campaign Purpose and Focus
“What is the potential impact of a successful campaign?” “What difference will it make?”
Narrow the scope of the plan to a option that will contribute to the plan’s purpose and provide...

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