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Topics: Insect repellent, Mosquito, Malaria Pages: 5 (1476 words) Published: June 24, 2013

Target:- Rural area of U.P.


When we talk about mosquito repellents there are 54 manufacterers with 72 brands in India alone. |COILS – 50% | |VAPORISERS – 20% | |MATS – 10% | |AEROSOLS – 9% | |REST(CREAMS, HEATING DEVICES) – 11% | | |


From a very long time candles are used to dispel darkness from one’s life. Our candles is a herbal product born out of the unique amalgamation of ancient Ayurvedic texts and modern research. The formulation used smoke as a medium to carry herbal fumes , which repel mosquitos. As the name suggests the candle provides threefold benefits:- emits light, mosquito repellent and is a herbal product(no smoke) .Keeping in view the rural areas we thought of a product which provide the people an immediate relief from mosquitoes. Nearly 40 million people die every year due to malaria, chickengunia ,etc which are caused due to the presence of mosquitoes in large numbers in rural areas, places like Lakhmipur and Golaghat in Assam, Shravasti ,Mau Aadamgarh in U.P., Pimpri in Pune are the worst hit. So the only way we can help protect them from this killer disease is by developing a product which is not very expensive, and at the same time acts as a mosquito repellent.


The main target for our product will be the rural ares where there is no electricty and the level of income is low. The people in these areas do not have the means to afford mosquito repellents like “All Outs” or “Good Nights” so the only existing means they have are coils and creams. Our product targets these areas. The rural areas comprise of 800 million of the population of India. Also the rural market contributes for nearly Rs 5000 Cr of income from durables.


The rural people buy products more often and in small packets. The brands do not really matter in these areas, our product just has to be present at the right place and should be enough effective. Also the rural areas comprise of various tiers like the marginal farmers, big landlords, labors, artisans etc, so our product aims at satisfying all the levels economically and socially.


The basic awareness needs to be created in the minds of the people which can be done through putting up small advertising sheets in mandis or common places of meeting. There are haats (periodic markets), melas, kirana stores where we can stock up our product so that no one goes without buying it.


PRODUCT:- TRIGUN CANDLES , which are herbal and
act as mosquito repellents.


1) Paraffin wax
2) Mould
3) Electrical tape
4) Eucalyptus oil
5) Citronella
6) DEET(diethyl-meta-toluamide)

PRICE:- Since the candle provides a threefold benefit it will be priced at Rs 2.50. The price is not much considering the fact that rural households have a higher disposable income than urban areas. Also they can buy a pack of 10 candles for Rs 20. That’s our promotional strategy.

Also if we look at the market share of various repellents that we are to compete with coils occupy nearly 40% of the share whereas creams capture about 30% and the rest is shared by repellent mats, liquid vapouriser, etc. They get a pack of 10 coils for Rs...
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