Mktg 2010 Marketing Research Anaylsis Report

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NBN Marketing Research analysis Report

NBN Marketing Research analysis Report

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Executive Summary3
Qualitative analysis4
Identification of Themes4
Use of evidence for appearance4
Depicting real life behaviour5
Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour5
Data Display6
Quantitative Analysis7
Respondent Profile7
MRO 17
Test of relationship7
MRO 27
Test of difference7
MRO 38
Test of relationship8
MRO 48
Test of relationship8
MRO 59
Test of difference9
MRO 69
Test of difference9

Executive Summary
In qualitative, we manage to find several themes but we will be concentrating on the importance of having appearance and depicting real life behaviour in the Reality TV shows. These two main themes are both supported with the use of quotes from the focus group interview and verification through secondary sources. On the quantitative side of the report, we have done tests for each MRO to channel what are the main differences or relationships that the variables have. * MRO 1 - There is a relationship between connecting with participants and enjoyment of reality TV shows * MRO 2 - There is a difference in attitudes towards reality TV shows between males and females * MRO 3 - There is a relationship between age and preference towards reality TV shows * MRO 4 - There is no relationship between enjoyment of Reality TV shows and depiction of real life within a reality TV show * MRO 5 - There is a difference in the importance of having attractive participants and depicting real life behaviours * MRO 6 - There is a difference in enjoyment of reality TV shows between shows with unfamiliar settings (Tropical Island, Isolated house) and staged setups

In this report, we will be looking at qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to assist NBN decide on their Marketing Management Problem to whether they should introduce a new reality TV show. With the research that the company has conducted through methods such as questionnaires and focus group interviews, we will help to examine the consumer’s attitudes towards reality TV and interpret the data provided. From this, we will be able to provide recommendations relating to the Marketing Research problem faced and the given Marketing Research Objectives.

Qualitative analysis

Identification of Themes
With the comparison of the Marketing Research Objectives and comments made by the respondents, we are able to manually code them into several themes. * Negative attitudes towards reality TV programs

* Appearance
* Depicting real life behaviour
* Ethic issues
With the following themes, we are going to focus on elaborating in detail on two themes which have more importance. One theme is on the physical appearance of the contestants while the other consists of depicting real behaviours among participants. Both themes are important aspects of contributing to the realism of a new Reality TV program. Appearance

This theme mainly talks about the physical outlook of the human beings who were involved in the reality TV programs. Respondents were arguing on the issue that only “good looking” participants were being “carefully” selected for the roles while forgetting about the likes of ordinary people. And how much of an importance does physical appearance matter to the viewers of the program. However certain shows do feature normal people which attracted a very high rating for the program (HK). This forgotten element of the reality TV programs has proven to be important aspect of adding to the amount of reality involved. Use of evidence for...

References: Markey, Charlotte N., 2012, “Emerging Adults ' Responses to a Media Presentation of Idealized Female Beauty: An Examination of Cosmetic Surgery in Reality Television”, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, viewed on 27 July 2012, <>
Andy Dehnart, 2012, “The Faking of ‘House Hunters’ and the Realness of Reality TV”, Daily Beast, viewed on 27 July 2012,<>
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