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Save-a Life-a-lyzer Marketing Plan/ Signature Assignment

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 Product Management

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List of Tables
Table 1
Industry Analysis
Table 2
Needs and Corresponding Features/Benefits of in Club Breathalyzer Table 3
Competitive Review
Table 4
SWOT Summary for Save-a-Life-Alyzer
Table 5
Objectives and Issues

Executive Summary
“The main objective of this marketing plan is to increase the market share by introducing a new product line to the market. Basic analysis of the marketing environment and the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) has identified to figure out the actual position of the company to implement the marketing plan and achieve the company objectives.” (Khan, 2010) A trademark will be obtained to protect this product from generic and/or bootlegged, look-a-like products. Budgets and break-even analysis will be included. Introduction

It is important for public safety that drunken drivers are taken off the roads. Of the 42,000 traffic deaths in the United States in 1999, about 38 percent were related to alcohol. Drivers who can pass roadside sobriety tests -- they can touch their noses or walk a straight line -- still might be breaking the legal limit for blood alcohol and be a hazard on the road. So police officers use some of the latest technology to detect alcohol levels in suspected drunken drivers and remove them from the streets. Many officers in the field rely on breath alcohol testing devices (Breathalyzer is one type) to determine the blood alcohol concentration, referred to as BAC, in drunken-driving suspects. In this article we examine the scientific principles and technology behind these breath alcohol testing devices

Current Marketing Situation
Business Description
Innovative Safety Devices Inc. (ISD Inc.) makes products that aid existing goods in becoming safer, healthier, and all around better products. The product that ISD Inc. will be introducing, “Save-a-life-alyzer” is a small, inexpensive, lightweight, device that allows establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to gain a competitive advantage through offering this free breathalyzer test to individuals who plan to consume alcohol and will now be faced with driving over the legal limit. Upon entry, the customer signs a disclaimer, hands over their car keys, and is given a small disposable mouthpiece. When the individual responsible for driving is ready to leave, they must give a breath test, which Save-a-life-alyzer the will then analyze the individual’s blood alcohol level, and /or marijuana levels. If these individuals have levels over the legal limits that person will be give a free ride home. Their car will be kept safely on the premises until morning when they can come safely and retrieve their vehicle. Having this service means to their cliental, that first they will not injure their self, or others. Next, that all legal ramifications that would present themselves by driving over the legal limit are no longer an issue. Finally, that value is built for the business participants because other establishments that do not offer the service are still faced with patrons leaving the establishment, getting DUIs, possible law suites, and injuries to themselves and others. History

In the 1940s, breath alcohol testing devices...

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