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What is a customer database?

Definition of marketing?
 Matching organisational resources with environment opportunities

The tactical role of marketing research is to

make more informed marketing decisions
provide relevant information to business managers
determine information needs

Marketing management information systems

gather internal and external information on a continuous basis

The marketing research process involves

6 stages

1- mdp 2- mrp 3-ro(research objectives) 4-marketing research design formulation 5- fieldwork or data collection 6- data preparation or analysis 7- report preparation and presentation

Marketing research is broadly concerned with the application of theories, problem solving methods, and techniques to the identification and solution of problems in marketing.


Defining the management decision problem requires the market researcher to

describe the reasons why the research is being conducted

and mrp:

 The MRP is a broad and comprehensive description of the information required to make the management decision  The MRP should:
 Guide the researcher towards all information needed to address the management decision problem
  Assist the researcher in formulating the specific research objectives
  Suggest possible ways the data could be collected (the research design)


Management Decision Problem (MDP) What the decision maker (DM) needs to do Action oriented (decisions) Marketing Research Problem (MRP)
What information is needed and how that information can be obtained effectively and efficiently? Information oriented


Desk research requires the market researcher to

examine internal company records, the information available from published sources and the Internet  

Organisational objectives are best specified in

quantitative terms

Exploratory research is undertaken to

gain an understanding of the research problem
Problem identification research is undertaken to solve specific marketing problems- false

Strategic marketing research makes decisions affecting the marketing mix-false

Marketing research is an efficient cost effective tool- false

Marketing research is an effective way to identify successful new products- false

Decision support systems enable market researchers to integrate market information systems with interactive models- true

The market research problem requires the market researcher to determine what information is needed and how it will be obtained - True

Marketing research is only used to address marketing problems and opportunities False
Marketing research reduces the probability of making poor decisions True

Marketing research is best done on an ad hoc as needs basis false

Marketing researchers seldom need to undertake a marketing problem audit - false

Chapter 2:

Conceptual and analytical models
Inductive (exploratory) research
 Phenomena are observed and a conclusion drawn on the basis of the information collected
 Commonly used in medicine or science, also used in marketing  Eg Case study methodology (QUALITATIVE)

Deductive (descriptive or experimental ) research
 Derive a hypothesis from theory and gather data to test the hypothesis  Commonly used in business
 Eg mail questionnaires (QUANTITATIVE)

Analytical models:
A set of variables and their interrelationships designed to represent, in whole or in part, some system or process: verbal, mathematical or graphical


If the marketing research problem is defined too narrowly, the firm may

fail to consider some alternative courses of action
find that marketing research has produced some rather meaningless results  
fail to address some important components of the management decision problem  ...
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