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* As a group project, students are asked to do a packaging box and they will assume the role member of a designing team that will present their proposal to a packaging company. * The project must be done by groups of 6 * Students must observe the rubrics on how they will be graded in this project. * This activity will showcase the students learning in special products and factoring * Submission of project will be on Friday, July 26, 2013 during Mathematics class.

* The MCL packaging company is in search for the best packaging for a new dairy product that they will introduce to the market. You are a member of the design department of MCL Packaging Company. Your company is tapped to create the best packaging box that will contain two identical cylindrical containers with the box’s volume set at 100 in3. The box has an open top. The cover will just be designed in reference to the box’s dimensions. You are to present the design proposal for the box and cylinder to the Chief Executive Officer of the dairy company and head of the MCL Packaging department. The design proposal is evaluated according to the following: explanation of the proposal, accuracy of computations, utilization of the resources and appropriateness of the models.

Group # ______ Section _______
Leader: ________________________
1. _____________________________ 4. ____________________________ 2. _____________________________ 5. ____________________________ 3. _____________________________

RUBRIC | Outstanding4 | Satisfactory3 | Developing2 | Beginning1 | Rating | Explanation of the Proposal20% | Explanations and presentation of the lay – out is detailed and clear. | Explanations and presentation of the lay – out is clear. | Explanations and presentation of the lay – out is little difficult to understand but include critical components. | Explanations and presentation of the lay – out is difficult to

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