mixing counseling theories

Topics: Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic theory, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 5, 2014
The population I wish to work with is the recovery community. People are often mistaken in their view of recovery, limiting it to drugs and alcohol. The recovery field I currently work in and desire to grow and continue in is so much more. How? The recovery field address clients who choose to recover from a lifestyle and make positive life changes. The client population I desire to continue to engage are those seeking to grow beyond the past life that has held them down, defeated them, degraded them, destroyed them and taken their last ounce of dignity. When they enter recovery, they do so with great hope, eagerness and openness for possible options in change. This population intrigues me, challenges me, and gives me hope. Two Theories

If I was to mix to theories to come up with the perfect combination for the recovery community I believe I would mix Person Centered and Psychoanalytical together. I would apply Person centered therapy in the practice of recovery coaching. Person Centered therapy suggests that any client, no matter what the problem or dilemma they are facing, can improve without being taught anything specific by the therapist, once the client accepts and respects themselves (Shaffer, 1978). The resources all lie within the client. The counselor must enter into the client's unique phenomenological world. By mirroring this world, the counselor does not contradict (Shaffer, 1978), nor do they attempt to delve into the unconscious. The focus is on immediate conscious experience. This is a therapy of freeing a person and removing obstacles so that normal growth and development can proceed and the client can become independent and move forward in their life own their own. The goal of recovery coaching is to let the client see the choices that they made, through their eyes, without judgment and help them to remove the obstacles and move forward on their own. The application of Person centered therapy is point on for such change to occur with...

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