Mixed Method Research Design

Topics: Learning, Sociology, Study skills Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: December 25, 2012
The purpose of my field instruction interim is to update the skills I learned, in my social work studies. The objective, of my study is to learn; the role of a social worker in a nursing residential center. I hope to learn how to complete forms properly, for the facilities and state assessments. Engage in psychosocial questionnaires (on my self and others), increase social work terminology, and clinical languages. Engage in techniques involving confidentiality, interview techniques and the patience’s rights. Interact with patience’s, their family and staff. I will demonstrate professionalism at all times. I will use my interpersonal talent; as a good team player to help service all clientele. I plan to administering support as a professional, overseeing, and adapting supervised guidance. I hope to empower the well-being of our clients by demonstrating loyalty and the excellences in the quality of service as a social work practitioner.

My supervisor has informed me of various terminologies that would improve my knowledge in the health care field, as a social worker. We together share the belief that every one is important and should be held at the highest level that a person can function. My supervisor has also has given me a large binder on policy and procedure in the nursing care field as a social worker. My supervisor has pointed out my interpersonal skills and cautioned me to sharpen my ethical and interpersonal skills. My supervisor teaches the ten core competence as a vital characteristic to process as a social worker. My supervisor promotes a well structured training and this work study experience, will shape me into a professional practitioner in the field of social work. Upon completion of my field instruction, I hope to be able to obtain a position as a social worker, incorporating the skills that my mentor and field instructor teaches.
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