Mitosis Lab Report

Topics: Meiosis, Chromosome, Mitosis Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Life Science Lab. A. Arnold Tuesdays @ 2:30
September 30th, 2011
Lab Report: Nuclear and Cell Division.
PART A: Stages of Mitosis in my own words.
1. Interphase: DNA has formed already, but it remains in the simple form of chromatin. Chromatins are structures that are loosely coiled in the cell.3 I also observed during my lab that this was the only stage where I could still see a nucleus and nucleolus intact within the cell; this is because it’s the only stage where the nuclear membrane has not broken apart yet to begin forming a new cell.3 2. Prophase: In this stage the chromatin converges to create rod shaped chromosomes. The nucleus and nucleolus cannot be seen anymore.3 3. Metaphase: Here the most noticeable change is that the chromosomes converge into the middle of the cell, forming the spindle apparatus.3 The spindle fibers connect and attach at the very middle part of the chromosomes where they connect to each other; this spot is called the centromere.3 4. Anaphase: In this stage the chromosomes start to separate. They separate from the centromere, and they begin to move away from one another.3 Now there are two separate sets of chromatin. 3 5. Telophase: Here two separate clusters of chromatin form on either opposite poles of the cell.3 Also here is where we can see the beginning of two separate nuclei form.3 Here it is apparent by my observations that this will be the last stage before the cells split, because the chromatins are completely separated now on opposite ends of the cell. 6. Daughter Cells: Now we can see that there are two completely separated cells. They have their own independent set of organelles from the original “parent” cell they came from.3 The cells are smaller than the original cell, about half the size of it.3 PART B: Differences between Plant and Animal cells.

The difference between plant and animal cells during mitosis is actually not that extensive, there are only a couple areas where the process...

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