Mitosis: Cell Nucleus

Topics: Cell nucleus, Mitosis, Eukaryote Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Question: How does mitosis produce new cells, and how is mitosis the same and different?

- Compound microscope - Alliums root slide
- Whitefish embryo slide - Power supply

Procedure: Refer to page 48 and 49 in the textbook.

Results: See attached sheet for drawings of my results.

Discussion: Analyze and interpret question 1 and 2 on page 49. 1. The cells in the root tip region of the alliums differ quite a bit from the cells that are found deeper in the root. First of all the root tip is where the alliums receive all there nutrients so the cells closest to the energy source will be bigger due to a larger supply of nutrients. Since these cells are getting bigger they must split and make daughter cells. So the closer you look to the root tip the more cells that are going through mitosis you will see. Finally at the root tip you will see cells going through all the stages of mitosis since there is a larger amount of cells splitting. 2. I did not have not have a drawing of both slides going through telophase but after looking at a neighbouring groups drawings, I was able to conclude that there were a lot more cells active cells in the alliums root. What I mean by this is that most of the cells had active nucleus while the whitefish embryo had many dead cells where the nucleus had died. Besides that it was clear that in both slides the cells were splitting and the spindle fibres were very noticeable.

Conclusion: Answer question 3 on page 49
3. The white fish embryo and alliums root slides were used to study mitosis instead of human bone and plant leaf because it was easier to obtain. This does not apply to the plant leafs but I’m guessing that the white fish embryo and alliums root slides have a faster mitosis rate than the plant leaf.
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