Mitosis and Cell Cycle Worksheet

Topics: Mitosis, Chromosome, Cell cycle Pages: 4 (515 words) Published: February 5, 2013
THE CELL CYCLE WORKSHEETName: ___________________________________

Matching: match the term to the description
|A. Prophase |B. Interphase |C. Telophase |D. Metaphase |E. Anaphase |

_____ 1. The sister chromatids are moving apart.

_____ 2. The nucleolus begins to fade from view.

_____ 3. A new nuclear membrane is forming around the chromosomes.

_____ 4. The cytoplasm of the cell is being divided.

_____ 5. The chromosomes become invisible.

_____ 6. The chromosomes are located at the equator
of the cell.

_____ 7. The nuclear membrane begins to fade from view.

_____ 8. The division (cleavage) furrow appears.

_____ 9. The chromosomes are moving towards the poles of
the cell.

_____ 10. Chromatids line up along the equator.

_____ 11. The spindle is formed.

_____ 12. Chromosomes are not visible.

_____ 13. Cytokinesis is completed.

_____ 14. The cell plate is completed.

_____ 15. Chromosomes are replicated.

_____ 16. The reverse of prophase.

_____ 17. The organization phase
Fill in the blank: Some will be used more than once.
|A. Prophase |D. Metaphase |G. Chromatid |J. Spindle fiber | |B. Interphase | E. Anaphase |H. Cytokinesis | K. Cell plate | |C. Telophase | F. Centromere | I. Mitosis | |

________________18. What phase are daughter cells in as a result of mitosis?

________________19. During what phase of mitosis do centromeres divide and the chromosomes move toward their respective poles?

________________20. What is the phase where...
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