Mitosis and Cell Cycle Study
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Cell Growth and Reproduction Study Guide

The Cell Cycle Study Guide
Vocabulary – Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Cytokinesis 1. How did the G1 and G2 stages get their names? 2. Cells must pass through a critical checkpoint during which two stages of the cell cycle? 3. Where does DNA synthesis happen in eukaryotic cells? 4. What two processes make up the M stage? 5. Among different types of cells, which stage of the cell cycle varies most in length? 6. Why does a skin cell divide more often than a liver cell? 7. What is G0? 8. Write an analogy to explain why cell size is limited. 9. Which typically increases faster as a cell grows, surface area or volume? 10. For cells to stay the same size from generation to generation, what two things must be coordinated? 11. Think of an example of a cycle. What does this have in common with the cell cycle? 12. What process divides a cell’s cytoplasm? How do the two word parts of your answer help you remember it? 13. What process divides the cell nucleus and its contents?

Mitosis and Cytokinesis Study Guide
Vocabulary: chromosome, histone, chromatin, chromatid, centromere, telomere, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

1. What is a chromosome? 2. Why do chromosomes condense at the start of mitosis? 3. Why are chromosomes not condensed during all stages of the cell cycle? 4. Sketch how DNA goes from a long stringy form to a tightly condensed form. Label the parts of the condensed, duplicated chromosome. 5. How does interphase prepare a cell to divide? 6. Mitosis occurs in what types of cells? 7. Develop a device, such as a short sentence or phrase, to help you remember the order of the steps of mitosis. 8. Illustrate and describe the four phases of mitosis. 9. How does cytokinesis differ between plant and animal cells? 10. DNA wraps around organizing proteins called . 11. The suffix –tin indicates that something is stretched

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