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Mitosis in a Nutshell
The stages of the cell cycle can be broken down into six stages: oInterphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
Is the "resting" or non-mitotic portion of the cell cycle. •It is comprised of G1, S, and G2 stages of the cell cycle. •DNA is replicated during the S phase of Interphase
Prophase - the first stage of mitosis.
The chromosomes condense and become visible
The centrioles form and move toward opposite ends of the cell ("the poles") •The nuclear membrane dissolves
The mitotic spindle forms (from the centrioles in animal cells) •Spindle fibers from each centriole attach to each sister chromatid at the kinetochore Compare Prophase to the Prophase I and to the Prophase II stages of mitosis.

The Centrioles complete their migration to the poles
The chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell ("the equator") Compare Metaphase to the Metaphase I and to the Metaphase II stages of mitosis. Anaphase
Spindles attached to kinetochores begin to shorten.
This exerts a force on the sister chromatids that pulls them apart. •Spindle fibers continue to shorten, pulling chromatids to opposite poles. •This ensures that each daughter cell gets identical sets of chromosomes Compare Anaphase to the Anaphase I and to the Anaphase II stages of mitosis.

The chromosomes decondense
The nuclear envelope forms
Cytokinesis reaches completion, creating two daughter cells Compare Telophase to the Telophase I and to the Telophase II stages of mitosis.

Smooth muscle cells are spindle shaped and uninucleate. (B). Functions: involuntary movement - i.e. churning of food, movement of urine from the kidney to the bladder, partuition SKELETAL MUSCLE

Skeletal muscle cells run the full length of a muscle. Line A show the width of one cell (fiber). Note the striations characteristics of this muscle type. These cells are multicellular,...
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