Mitigation and Adaptation

Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Shaun Broger
Week 5 Analysis

1. What are two examples of mitigation and adaptation?
(A.) Mitigation- is reducing the emissions of a greenhouse gases responsible for climate change so that less change occurs. (a.) Switching to low carbon energy sources such as renewable and nuclear energy (B.) Adaptation- is dealing with the consequences of warming and other aspects of climate change such as changes in extremely weather events. (b.) agriculture and water

2. Do you think the cost associated with mitigation is lesser than the cost associated with adaptation? Why or why not? (a.) Lesser than the cost of adaptation because the climate is going to change regardless, and society cannot stop it. The only choice that we have is to adapt to it and survive.

3. Do developed countries or developing countries contribute more to climate change? Which has a greater obligation to mitigate and adapt to global climate change? Which has a greater ability? (a.) Yes developed or developing countries did contribute to climate change, and adaptation has the greater ability.

4. The cost of mitigation and adaptation is adaptation can lower mitigation costs because policymakers choose to move to another point on the same mitigation cost curve - adaptation does not alter the marginal productivity of mitigation, it induces a shift along the cost curb. Second, adaptation acting as a technical substitute or complement shifts the mitigation cost curve. For example, flood defenses change land use and thereby change costs and prices in an area, which impacts on mitigation costs. Whether adaptation causes a shift along the mitigation cost curve or a shift of the entire curve 
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