Mitch McConnell

Topics: Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, Health care Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: November 6, 2013

Honors NSL Government

Mitch McConnell Background and Beliefs Analysis


Mitch McConnell who is now the Republican Leader of the Senate was born in Sheffield, Alabama and raised in Louisville, Kentucky in a Baptist household. He attended the University of Louisville and graduated with honors earning a Bachelors Arts degree in political science. He then earned masters at the University Of Kentucky College Of Law. Before the start of his early political career he served 6 months in the active Army Reserve but discharged early due to optic neuritis. His career in politics started as an intern for Senator John Sherman Cooper then led to a Senator’s assistant, a Deputy Assistant Attorney General Position and, Jefferson County Judge. McConnell’s first campaign was for the position or senator against Walter “Dee” Huddleston in 1984. In 1990 he won a re-election against Harvey I. Sloane, defeated Steve Beshear in 1996 and Bruce Lunsford in 2008. He usually ran humorous television campaign ads that were simple and effective in winning the vote. He was voted Senate Minority leader when Bill Frist did not seek re-election in 2006. Considered a King maker in Kentucky politics, McConnell is a conservative republican who opposes campaign finance regulations because he believes limiting the amount of money that can be contributed to a campaign can protect incumbents from challengers and supports telephone and electronic monitoring of suspected terrorist without a warrant. He also opposes Health Care and Education Reconciliation, actually saying that any Republican plan would not attempt to provide care to all Americans and the closing of Guantanamo Bay because of the risk that come along with bringing dangerous convicts closer to the general population. Although a republican, he supports Gun Control and Nuclear Regulation initiatives. To lower gas prices McConnell wrote the Gas Price Reduction Act calling for more offshore and domestic oil...
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