Misuse of Technology

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In the new era of globalization, we are in the midst of creating a new world through science and technology. The world that we want to create is not depends on the object that we want to build or create but it need to be depend more significantly on our view, implicit or explicit, about the nature of the good life - good and bad, right and wrong and our abilities to face the limited of knowledge and temptations to ease or arrogance. The nature of good life is depending to the technology user itself. This is because for an example the person that created the pencil according to the history is Nicholas Jacques Conte just wanted to use the pencil to deliver something by drawing or writing. It is not to be harm by other user for bad things such as killing people or hurting others. The method of creating the pencil is same with the intention of the person who started to invent new technologies which are they want the people who are using their product to have the benefit of it and not to be used to harm other people.

Therefore, in setting out to write about the uses and abuses of technology, I, as an engineer, am immediately confronted with a dilemma, for, unless I can identify a point of reference, I cannot define what constitutes ‘use’, by which I mean ‘correct’ or ‘legitimate’ use, and ‘abuse’, by which I mean the opposite. Engineers are not unique in this regard. Indeed it could be said that mankind has always had this problem, and therefore that a study of how our species coped with it in ages past, should provide pointers as to how to deal with it in our own age.

In this paper, consideration will be given too to some basic fundamental about the technologies itself, why the technology is created and the history of the technology itself. This paper also will 1


be discuss about did the person who make harm to other people by using the technology will be punishment by the law or it just...
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