Misuse of Anti Dowry Law

Topics: Marriage, Law, Scientific method Pages: 7 (2347 words) Published: April 1, 2010
Misuse of anty dowry laws in India- the other side of the coin.
I] Introduction
II] Justification of study.
III] Scope of study.
IV] Methodology adopted.
V] Chapterisation.
a)Meaning of dowry & its historical background in Indian society
b) Consequences of dowry on society.
c) Legal provisions about dowry.
d) Misuse of anty dowry laws.
e) Public opinion about antidowry laws

VI] Conclusion.

-: Introduction:-

Normally Dowry is considered as the poison of the marital life, life taking thing in the name of traditional practice. Mostly media and newspaper daily colour the events of dowry deaths and cruelty against wife for obtaining maximum TRP for their channels and newspaper and as the press and media are the fourth pillar of democracy engrave the negative impact about the male members of the society. Every death after marriage is unfortunately to be considered by the society as the dowry death and cruelty by the families of the husband. No doubt there are many laws are there in various Acts made by the legislature for the protection of the women against dowry and cruelty from the husband and his family members. But, does the legal machinery analyse if the anti dowry laws made by the Indian parliament are being misused by the wives to extort money from the families of their husband or not? Hence one must also have to look at the other side of the coin also.

II]-: Justification of study:-
Every Law enacted by the parliament is the sword of both edged. It can help the society for eradicating the evils of the society also to remove the inhuman traditions prevailing in the society but it can be misused by the society to a greater extent. Hence the main reason for choosing this topic for research by the researcher is to study the social impact of anti dowry laws in Indian society and to trace are the anti dowry laws are being used in a positive way by the society in order to eradicate the evils or is being misused just only to extort money from the husband and his relatives & to harass them mentally.

III] Scope :—
The scope of this research will be limited to study the present impact of anti dowry laws enacted by the parliament on the society and to find out how far the anti dowry laws are used to eradicate the evils in the society or is being misused only to extort money from the husband and his relative and to put this issue before the NGO’s and all types of legal and non legal authorities for the purpose of prevention of anti dowry laws from its being misused.

-:Methodology adopted:-
There are two main kinds of methodologies which are used in research they are as follows: I.Doctrinal or traditional or non-empirical legal research. & II.Non doctrinal or empirical legal research.

Doctrinal or traditional or non-empirical legal research:-
A doctrinal research means a research that has been carried out on a legal proposition or propositions by the way of analyzing the existing statutory provision and cases by applying the reasoning power. According to S.N.Jain doctrinal research involves analysis of case law, arranging ordering and systematizing a legal prepositions and study of legal institutions through legal reasoning or rational deductions. Ascertaining a legal rule for the purpose of solving problem is one of the purposes of traditional legal research. This has been achieved by the original sources of law the acts of parliament and the acts passed by legislatures fall under this category of precedents. The secondary sources like text books on law, commentaries do not possess as much authority as the original sources possess. Hence, quality of doctrinal research depends...
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