misunderstanding of gluten

Topics: Gluten-free diet, Coeliac disease, Gluten Pages: 4 (1880 words) Published: May 19, 2014
The Misunderstanding of Gluten Consumption Have you ever heard of the word Gluten and what it is? Gluten is a substance that can be used to make baked goods that have an elastic texture of dough. It has changed the lives of many both good and bad; positively because people enjoy eating it since it taste so good, but negatively it has caused many people to become sick and die because gluten was part of their daily diet for such a long time. Celiac Disease is developed from the consumption of gluten, many are born with it and others develop it over time. Over the years many people have been diagnosed with it and have said its not so bad you just have to make your own food 98% of the time. Going on a gluten free diet helps you feel less weak and tired but wanting to do more things. The discovery of this disease has made many people think twice about consuming any types of gluten products. Gluten causes the disease of Celiac which then causes many more problems if consumed often, but can also be avoided by treating and staying away from all sorts of gluten. For many people that have Celiac disease it is the cause of illnesses and sometimes people may not even know why they are sick or have some type of disease. Celiac disease may sound very horrifying and contagious but its really not, it’s actually know as the best disease to have out of all the other deadly ones. Celiac are the little fingers in ones small intestines which get stuck together because of gluten products and other ingredients that will be specified. As food goes through the small intestines nutrients aren’t being absorbed since the intestines are not working properly, so for most people it affects different parts of the body and different functions like growth. People who are allergic to gluten need to stay away from it completely in which later on they may develop celiac disease if gluten is still eaten. People with gluten intolerance should avoid...
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