Mister Pip

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Novel Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Analyse how one main character changed to become more admirable In the novel “Mister Pip” written by Lloyd Jones, the protagonist of the novel Matilda has faced many challenges through the novel which she has lost a lot of her world. This includes *her mother and possessions which creates one of the main ideas of loss. Matilda’s way of escaping the violence in her world is turning to the book ‘Great Expectations’ which is introduced by Mr Watts which helps them create a new dimension *. Lloyd Jones shows how much Matilda is determined to be strong about the losses in her life and by the end of the novel we see Matilda’s character change which become an admirable quality on how she gets through them. Mister Pip is set in Bougainville, an island which is isolated, cut off from the rest of the world. The people on the island cope by being resourceful making their own fuel, medicine and the necessities in order to survive. In the novel we read from Matilda’s perspective who is the protagonist in the novel learning on the horrific events and conflicts. Matilda is faced with fear and has a way of escaping the violent surroundings in her life by a book ‘Great Expectations which is introduced to her by the only white man on the island Mr Watts. Matilda has a way of interacting with the book by making the main character ‘Pip’ her friend; it was also another way to use their imagination- show a different dimension. The ideas of the effects of war and coping with a sense of loss have been expressed by Matilda. Bouganville during the war makes the village less resourceful as their possessions are being destroyed with the Redskins who are the soldiers which leaves the village in fear. “The redskins were going to choke the island and the rebels into submission.” With lack of food and medical supply the many children are dying of malaria and men and boys are have gone to fight leaving the women with kids having to survive by themselves. Matilda, the protagonist is...
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