Mistakes of Napoleon Bonaparte

Topics: Peninsular War, Iberian Peninsula, Spain Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Napoleon’s Mistakes
The Peninsular War
Up rise in Europe
King Charles IV of Spain
King Charles IV of Spain
In the peninsular war when napoleon was fighting the Allied forces which consisted of the Spanish, United Kingdom, and Portugal. They were fighting over who would get control of the Iberian Peninsula. This first started since Napoleon crossed into Spain to invade Portugal, he wanted to control Portugal since it was next to the ocean and would be an important port for trade. At first the French were allies with Spain until Napoleon turned on them in 1808 since he saw that Spain was becoming politically corrupt. King Charles IV was said to be incompetent on running a country, so as the new founded emperor of France Napoleon saw this as a chance to defeat the Spanish and take control of Spain. Also being the military genius that he was he had also thought that Spain’s armies were all separate, 15,000 of their best were in Denmark under French control while the rest were scattered throughout the whole of Spain. Madrid revolt of 1808

Madrid revolt of 1808
This whole war started when a puppet Spanish council approved a new king revolt started to happen in Spain. The citizens wanted the old regime back; this was the first example of nationalism that turned a country against the French. May 2nd 1808 citizens in Madrid rose up against the French killing 150 French soldiers, the next day the French army shot hundreds of citizens in retaliation. In August of 1808 the British started to intervene with the affairs and landed in Portugal to help the Portugal army fight back. Meanwhile the Spanish were taking over Danish ports so that they could meet up with Admiral Richard Goodwin Admiral Richard Goodwin Keats Admiral Richard Goodwin Keats

Keats’ army. One of the most important sieges of the war was taking control of the port city Cadiz, Napoleon sent out 70,000 troops. The Marshals in control of this siege were Claude Victor and Nicolas Soult, they surrounded...
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