Mistakes: An Overview

Topics: Creativity, Invention, Thought Pages: 1 (541 words) Published: May 8, 2014
A mistake is usually not considered a positive occurrence, but mistakes are often key in the process of discovery. Unintended outcomes can produce great inventions and lead to more creative thinking. Leading us to think possibly of things we had not before considered. This makes the world of discovery limitless. Many of the great discoveries in the world today were related to faulty outcomes. Mistakes can have negative effects, even causing damage, but the positive can definitely outweigh the negative. Mistakes are an important key to discovery because they help us to discover new things, gain knowledge and learn from our errors, and make our discoveries unique through improvements.

New and different ideas do come from our mistakes. For example, Percy Spencer came up with the idea of the microwave after a chocolate bar melted in his pocket when he stood next to a machine that gave off heat. A mess in Mr. Spencer's pocket could have made him angry, but instead caused him to think in a creative way. The microwave oven was an amazing invention that has changed the world. We can see that a discovery doesn't always have to be a well thought out idea, and isn't always straightforward. Many discoveries or inventions come from somebody thinking outside the box.

Mistakes can seem bad, nut we can learn and grow from them, In this way mistakes can be a good experience if we apply what we learned, What to do and not to do, and what to do different next time. In order to learn from mistakes we must be open to criticism and suggestions. The starting point in trying to improve self or an invention is to first recognize a mistake or weakness so you can move on to the next step of improvement.

In keeping an open mind to correct and making mistakes and working to correct and improve we can likely come up with inventions and discoveries that are as unique as ourselves. For example George Mestral was walking when he brushed past a cocklebur bush and later tried to remove the...
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