Missouri State Court Systems vs. Texas State Court Systems

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Court System Structure Checkpoint II
Missouri State Court Systems vs. Texas State Court Systems
CJS/220- Erin Berger

The States of the United States have individual and unique governments with many similarities. All states are required by the constitution to have republican governments. Despite their similarities, all states have different government structures and procedures, as you will see in the following comparisons of Missouri and Texas state court systems.

The Texas state court system consists of the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals, courts of appeals, district-level courts, county-level courts, and municipal and justice of the peace courts. The Texas Supreme Court is the highest civil court in the state. Determinations made by the Texas Supreme Court are final and apply to all cases except criminal law matters. The jurisdiction of the Texas Supreme Court is primarily limited to appeals from the courts of appeals. Like Texas, the Missouri Supreme Court is at the apex of the state’s court system. It hears cases in specialized areas and has exclusive jurisdiction in five areas, including cases involving the meaning of the U.S. and Missouri constitutions.

The Missouri legislative branch consists of the state legislature, which is the Missouri General Assembly. The Missouri legislative branch is bicameral, that comprises a 163-member House of Representatives (the lower house) and a 34-member Senate. Members of both houses are subject to term limits: Senators are limited to two terms, Representatives to four, and a total of eight years for members of both houses. The Legislative branch of Texas is also bicameral, and the Texas House of Representatives has 150 members, while the Senate has 31. The Speaker of the House, for Texas, leads the House, and the Lieutenant Governor leads the Senate.

Texas has only two courts of last resort: the Texas Supreme Court, which hears civil cases, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. All...
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