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Mississippi research Paper

By bobuh Jan 20, 2014 470 Words

Mighty Mississippi Research Paper
The Mississippi was the longest river in the United States and people have used the river for centuries for everything from entertainment to transporting goods and services. For example a lot of the water cargo on the river is agricultural commodities. Corn, soybeans and things like that are regularly shipped on the river. Also wood chips and sometimes trees used for pulp production by paper mills are shipped by barge. Gravel and other materials are sometimes shipped by barges as well but I'm not sure how much specifically on the Mississippi River. There are also oil companies who transport fuels and oil by barge and rely heavily on MS River Transportation.

The rivers of the region remained the principle transportation routes. The northern stands of virgin timber were felled to make way for farms and villages, and the lumber thus created travelled down the rivers to the burgeoning southern markets. Passengers and goods were shuttled up and down the Mississippi in ever increasing numbers. A period of rapid growth was upon the Upper Midwest, and the Mississippi River was the great river highway that had made it all possible.

The biggest reason for the use of barge transportation is that so much material can be shipped at one time. A barge shipment say of corn to an elevator can contain hundreds of truckloads of corn that would have otherwise been much more costly to ship via freight truck. If the river transportation weren't an option, it would result in an increase in the price of some of the goods that we use every day. Barges are capable of moving a plethora of products and help power our nation both at home and in the international marketplace. Moving more than 60% of U.S. grain exports, this cost efficient industry allows American products to be highly competitive in global exchanges. In addition, these powerful boats transport coal and other fuels throughout our nation, providing power, electricity, and heat to homes and businesses alike. Barges strengthened the U.S. economy, environment, and standard of service, the barge industry remains a lucrative mode of transportation and offers the opportunity to improve your business. As a member of this industry, Alter Barge Line is committed to competitive and customized service and can move your cargo efficiently. The advantages of the barge industry allow Alter not only to provide consistent service to its customers, but also to give you the assurance that your goods will be delivered safely and swiftly.

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